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  1. I don't believe Dragon claws max special attack on oldschool is 55 in max strength. I also think ags is quite balanced, maybe just a few tweeks op'r
  2. You should love Roatzpk regardless of obtaining server support. Good luck nevertheless.
  3. #Team-BBE formally known as Bashing Bitchs Everywhere began many years ago.. On Ikov, going onto Near-Reality, this is where they began and got a name for themselves. having wars with upwards of 100+ opts from anywhere from 30 minutes to 73 hours. (Yes, 73 hours of calling, tanking, and 100% dedication) BBE went on to win Near-Realitys 07 tournaments of prize pools going beyond 1 Billion GP. After winning the tournament and most clans left from rage, we hopped servers. From NR, to Soulsplit, To Ikov, To Dawntained... With no good clan competition, we seperated and split up our seperate ways. Until now. When I got news Roatz-pk is actually some-what active and has multiple clans I came alone and checked it out. After I think a week or two of being back it is time. Singles, Multi, Good luck. You'll need it. Applications are open under strict approval If you would like to apply and take this seriously, please use the forums below. *note* you must be a active, dedicated member and in order to get past experienced member stage, must have a mic, discord, and be registered on the forums showing activity. If you still would like to join in with the carnage, but don't have what it takes to be at the big table (the above requirements), PM 'SINGLES BOT' TO SPY ON YOUR CLAN, OR USE THE SIMPLE APPLICATION FORMAT BELOW! Application Format/forums are below! https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/bbe/ Application format (copy & paste); Ingame Name?; Age?; Timezone?; Discord?; Mic?; Bank Value?(only need to know for sets); *NOTE FOR APPLICANTS* Once you have picked your chosen route, wether you want it all and register on our forums and apply or use the format below, I will personally contact you in-game or via forums, and we will discuss further detail. Once spoken amongst ranks, you will be given Recruit and be in the Recruit process for the upcoming time period. From here you will either be accepted or declined based on your performance. I.e Discord, Forums, Activity, experience. Remember BBE Forums - More access and information on clan events, general information, integrating into the clan and the potential to go far in the clan. Roatz Forums Template - Recruit/Member with less of the above. Please keep in mind, BBE has been open for a long time, and alot of people in the clan are old members, who which we have all known eachother for years. This will not be easy to become the best. Best of luck to everyone applying, and if you choose not to - Good luck to your team, you will need it. BBE snippets over the years Best of luck to everyone applying, and if you choose not to - Good luck to your team, you will need it. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/bbe/ - Toby X D
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