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  1. First of all, preventing bot is good for the game in the long run However, hope something can be changed on the Genie I've been approached for almost 20 times by genie on both my skiller account and PVM account Issue #1) Select an item from the list Can we not blur out the items when picking it from the list? There's a time where i selected the wrong item for 3 time because of short sword, long sword and i cannot figure it out Then my account got banned from skilling for 3 hour. Yet, "Request help" doesn't work I explained the issue, and nothing is sorted out, no replies no pms and etc I just wait for 3 hours until the banned got lifted. Issue #2) Can the genie not approach during PVM and required to solve captcha from web browser I don't get the thing. Okay i might get that solving anti-bot can help detect bot. But during PVM, instead of selecting 1 items from the list It required me to solve a captcha when i am bossing Hope the anti-bot can be improved By rotating the map, there's no way my action look like i am botting especially we are required to sell our fish to the trader for skilling points once our bag is full. Then we need to rotate the map to find the specific spot for harpoon-ing fish But genie does keep on appearing over time and its pretty annoying tbh
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