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  1. like and comment maybe i will kiss u
  2. i play osrs / every rsps u can name it and im on top on any of these game ? what aer u stupid it takes alot of experience to be decent at deep wild dumb roatpkz rat fuck outta my face
  3. anyone on roatpkz can fight me bo10 ill beat anyone ok? best deep wild pker at this point
  4. whale dying 3 times for max 1minute in his tb and calls me bad L
  5. Like and sub and comment something nice will pick winners in 5days gl
  6. It was a 8 man fall in against u 1) u tanked ONLY 4minutes on a full invy 2) theres 300 drags and 5 of ur boltraggers (cant get a box) 3) u did everything wrong LOl
  7. server tried to merge, to compete with ratgang GONE WRONG CYA CYA CYA
  8. Fyi my laptop is being fixed as we speak so im actually gonna play the game a bit more like in the old days make sure to not hide when im back only took u 7minutes to kill me for bolt setup and then root in ts agsed on 77hp the first fight after. It amazes me how skill capped u noobs are and comeback when every team has left the server. U havent showed anything in the clan cup big noobs cyacya
  9. Might have to comeback and end this lil guys ego daul penino LOL
  10. Shut up dumb paki if u carz that much put ur chat off Theres a reason y people like roatpka where u dont get muted for every word u say
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