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  1. this is what really happends in the wilderness. bully them at every logation 29 kills in just ONE video
  2. HOLY SHIT yes remove ALL divines and ELYS make them like som crazy rare for like 3m pkp or some shit. add a brew cap (max 12brews) thats what we need on roatpkz
  3. imagine if me or u posted our kps we got on plankgang wed be busy for the whole week
  4. cant barrage a 36 in that gear sorry , chance INVALID
  5. like i said u are a very angry guy and kinda jealous at me by the looks of it. U could ask any ratgang member theyd know when exams are coming im MIA for a month straight u dont see me anywhere but ye u'ill make something off ur life once u stop taking this game too seriously and ur only goal on this game is to flame and be toxic towards people i couldnt imagine how u'd function in the society
  6. dox behind my back weird huh dont know where that comes from. mortem isnt a thing buddy get over it "spolt brat" good one wheelie
  7. ah yes says the guy that joined a team (dead team btw) that was flaming him bout his dead father good one l0l
  8. theres so much anger in u that u can only vent on the internet i legit feel sad for u lol. (dont reply on this ty)
  9. congratz its a video game stop taking it that serious lol enjoy it dude without flames
  10. funny cuz thats not how I look irl but good dox attempt? @Smackd @JBLIND ur an angry man who vents his emotions on the internet lol. it sucks but yea weird toxic guy on my dck
  11. why are u flaming nh tank lol, and u dont know how ur team started. Weird being loyal to a team where no one likes u people have flamed u in the past bout ur dad etc. SPINELESSSSSSSSSSSSS but dont @ me with flames cuz I cba going into a cringey flame war over the internet
  12. they didnt merge!!!! but member gets kicked cuz he didnt join the merge LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO joke of a team
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