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  1. Rickocet1 is using alts to harass/rag me in-game.

    I made a report thread and they (you) said it has been dealt with.

    It hasn't.

    I can't play the game.

  2. At this point, with Sanfew's being spawnable, Venom is completely useless. Even if they were just 1 'pkp' each in the store and no longer spawnable, it would make the blowpipe, serpentine helm and toxic staff infinitely more useful in PVP situations.
  3. If it's bannable I'm so on that idea.
  4. There are 50 rushers and 3 blacklist spots. (Four, now that I've purchased donator in-game, which by the way 'Localised' scammed me on. He sold it to me for 80k and they're 20k. He says merch. I say scam. Really not looking good for new players, who are subjected to rushers and scammers within days of joining.)
  5. Farcasters and rushers praying protect from melee in edgeville are a pest that need to be sprayed.
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