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  1. For those who have a gambling problem as well, a lot of people dont know but ::rehab is for you!
  2. After years bro ofc it is Banging especially ::clrd99ezgottem
  3. More places! ::kingdark ::r4ng3purez Credit both cute More places ::tacos ::zamp2
  4. More places ! Message for credit ::haxon665 (credit to cute) Doesnt seem to be working anymore
  5. With permission from @Gretar ( the owner of these shenanigans) I present to you all, ALL commands , As I cannot do this alone, comment, pm me ingame , find a way to contact me and you will get credited of course. FInally no more ''being cool'' Afking at a '''secret spot'' As these spots will now be available to all creating a better atmosphere in the game! (only commands will be posted that are not in ::commands, which to your suprise are a lottt) Let's go ! Places ::meth ::creations ::ray (credit to NH V2) ::golds ::max ::hell ::heaven ::dzone ::fp ::edgepvp / ::brid ::home ( credit to Cute) ::44s / 50s ::chins ::tp ::cw ( old gamble zone, many bills gambles here, we need this place back to be gambling, its dead now) ::zamp, ::atmf, ::dragons ::cleaveland ::pker099 !!!MANY MORE SECRET PLACES TO BE ADDED !!!!
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