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  1. The point is that it does not matter if you risk or not, clans took donor zone and you can't kill anyrevs at all on the other hand clan member take their best gear and farm money and you can't do anything, it is not fair for the community. That is why it should be at least single, so you could at leastt run from there.
  2. It's been a long time. It is quite unfortunate to get legendary donor status to go make some back money. But, there is a catch. It's funking cancerous place. You literally can't kill even 5 revs till some cunt att you and call a bunch of raggers to come to finish you. Donor zone is only good for 1-2 clans and their people, which is completely not fair. I'm offering to make donor zone not multi, so that raggers with no risk get off. Also, it is rationally too deep, legend zone should be 30 wildy. It is no point for communite to go to any of donor zones. This is just pathetic. I heard that you have to pay 150k for some random, so that you could kill revs in donor zone. Like wtf? Make it finally single and lower wildy levels for god's sake...
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