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  1. buying customs 800k-1.2m max ea
  2. https://imgur.com/a/lTQ1r ??
  3. meanwhile i've been on for years, appealed several times and havent even gotten one rank lol
  4. self written statistics?no killpics?no clips?
  5. i can see what you're coming from but sorry i have to disagree if all these items now become non-spawnables or buyable aswell we all might aswell go back to real oldschool runescape and make f2p pkers no harsh feelings
  6. good ideas hope most of these get throught btw can u make an edit and add something for me its about anti-venom they should make u immune to venom before u take a sip because atm u just drink it venom goes away and bam the next hit ur venomed again they are absolutely useless atm
  7. lol i'm almost 2000 chaos ele kills dry on divine and i'm super donor so dont say you're unlucky lol
  8. so what does ea rbbbb mean they always say it when i stake pakis?
  9. 1st of all nice video good kills but no wonder yall look like the toughest pkers out there any other videos or pics from max kills on forums get deleted anyway by the staff in ur own cc so yeh
  10. dang no love for old rawr well anyways had a good time with u man stay well and goodluck man!
  11. SO FEW PROBLEMS. 1) some of the items in the pk shop looks really deformed and bad as hell for example: statius, prims, rune pouch etc.. 2) huge ton of delays and lags ( not much new ) 3) some of the fkeys have changed yet we don't even have a feature to set them back or change them ourself 4) not a fan of the wildy ditch ( imo ) 5) portals are even more broken. when using 44s teleport u spawn outside the portals idk if this was ment to be or?.. 6) basically the only item that has been added is the infernal cape wich tbh barely anyone can afford except the rich ppl 7) what happend to all the new content shown to us? bosses: abby sire, zulrah, wildy bosses etc? new items: blowpipe, ballista, etc..? 8) small thing i had a max fire cape and when i logged into new client i only had the hood the cape just vanished btw i'm just putting out some thing i like the client and hope for lots of future updates so still great work
  12. jesus fucing christ if u had that much of a bank why the fuck would u ever even type in ::duel in the first place and ofcourse congratz mate!!
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