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  1. They dont show instantly if you shift drop them
  2. now go open ur caskets noob ass
  3. It's 75 defence; Go play lms on 07 it's pretty much the same thing. Yes the combat is worse but it basically works the same
  4. -1 ping isn't a bug. It's just searching for your correct ping Pid can't be added without a combat rework. The eating needs to be fixed yes. Hugging needs to be fixed yes. it's broken
  5. Need to make it at a small price of like 300k and its not sellable.
  6. Yoobs gone full retarded. Sad days
  7. Owner Gretar - Make risk protection automatic. change server host remove pvp armours Global Admin(s) Smackd - Leaked my irl ball pic. Fake player noty Good staff member tho Administrator(s) Legend - even tho ur invisible ur good Fantastic Cx - You doing good pal JBLIND - Drug cheat Player Moderator Rag Bot V1 - Plays alot more than you think A Pixel - ? PM2GETBODIED - ? Server Support(s) Fruitiest - Playtime: Does his job along w tulrak. Respectable Goat - Playtime: eh does his job but not enough. Karishma - Playtime: Test tube baby Flage2 - Playtime: Fake guy Tom Riddle - Playtime: Log off man. 224 hours is too fucked Bind U Dead - Playtime: Bigger freak Yamiha - Playtime: Foreigner A Team - Playtime: pvmer TULRAK - Certified Demon- Give moderator status
  8. Winter


    Did you smoke something today?
  9. Sorry i only read appeals for jblinds reactions, not some weird 13 year old
  10. Go play gangscape317, I hear they do this shit . Dont post that shit here LMFAO
  11. You dont pk lol surprised you know what any of this is You suicide everytime lol and wont go past 30, Shut it
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