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  1. Lol Ducky rsps back at it again
  2. my favourite part was when he ran north and then realised his map was upside down
  3. no hate on you but it's a pk server. These cosmetic capes are useless and designed to draw people away from the wilderness lol
  4. Saint, Peanut, Sonic Check these for me please.
  5. Funny, you only say that because you are considered what is to be a rape victim :l
  6. You do though you shit stain
  7. You die more than him dumb ass
  8. Bigger question; Why in gods name do you have two avernics
  9. Will They be located in roughly the same place? Right now would be the perfect time for a new located server host somewhere in america (Which you planned on doing 3 years ago)
  10. Got someone for an ely doing it too apparently Rest of the items besides hasta are pointless
  11. The owner is more worried about the pk side of the server atm. Pretty sure once he finishes fixing that he'll get to your more less worrying side of things
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