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  1. i like taking tokes with some Haze since the smoke is smooth and not to rough on the throat (that's what she said) but as in a spliff or joint/ blunt Sour Diesel is the way to go make's you silly high lols
  2. So According To This Bloke I'm 'Mad of Dying so Many Times' Lmfao more like the Other way Around. #Clrd 'The Hooqs'
  3. you get 4pkp per Kill On Weekday's and 8pkp per Kill on Weekend's Killing the Same Person Does not Decrease your Pkp
  4. So Im Pure pking and right after i got a kill This lad Dds Rushed me so im like damn i run into Safe zone pull out a 40 def kit And smack him and i say 'Sit' so he got All tight and cute saying im trash and what not i told him to Get 1 Defence and this is the OutCome #Cleared Claim's to be a 2k10 Player lol
  5. You guys wanna go on a date ill be like the third wheel ill just watch ;)
  6. I Honesty Do not Know What to think is this a Joke or is it Real.
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