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  1. this was just a leftover and i didnt want to upload a ~10 second video of just the kill...
  2. autograph signing tomorrow at 4pm EST until 8pm est
  3. why would you make GFX before you get the payment?... just wondering!:)
  4. got this inventory setup from you so figured id give it a shot...
  5. i only liked it because you lost 25m+... otherwise, i wouldnt like SHIT! im a proud white young male and i dont need to be told what to do! #DoxUrNan2020
  6. to be a cunt but max str would be; serp helm vesta's top vesta's bottom infernal cape tent whip avernic defender b ring (i) the new(ish) gloves amulet of torture INB4 'DOX UR NAN BIGGEST CUNT N/A!!!!!!!1'
  7. nice vid! not even ganna be a cunt to you today because im feeling nicer... but if i was ganna be a cunt, id say something like "your hamsters were running around the wheel to power your internet" but im not a dick today!
  8. maybe youll get as big as me one day... L0L! J O K I N G !!!
  9. nice wins man! i dont want to venture into ::duel and lose the ~1m ive gotten from it! might stake 100ks, might not vOv
  10. support because it seems like it may be nice for you and youtubers in the future:)
  11. fantastic is a FANTASTIC admin!!!!!!!



















    ^^^^^^ THIS

    1. Fantastic


      Was wondering why there was no reply option.. So many enter-spaces.. 🤔

  12. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WHEELY DO!!!!!!!!
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