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  1. they don’t have hospitals where i’m from... they just form a circle around you and begin chanting
  2. i’ve hit a 63-76 on robes, in max str in brid once
  3. i would assume because multiple people are required for raids and roat has a prerequisite to have autism. that’s why @JBLIND is an admin and that sand nigger @Tesfxye is good lol
  4. sounds like you’re fuck my dude.., i have a solution for ya: unplug your pc go to https://ebay.com and make an account and link your credit/debt card up to it select the “electronics” subheading near the top of the page create a listing for your computer with: the specs the price your location and your reasoning for the price wait for offer accept one that you think is reasonable go to your local computer store buy a new pc download roat, and all your commonly used applications onto the pc play roat ??????????? PROFIT!
  5. this is the most disgusting thread on the forum to date
  6. nah fr id use OBS https://obsproject.com/ instead of Bandicam. while im not familiar with bandicam, it looks like the recording software was the cause of your black bars on the sides of your recording. as you can see here, i record with obs and do not have black bars.
  7. Isaiah


    nah brother... look like Illumos
  8. it is normal for retards that nh at ::hills to only mage/range because they cant keep up with range, mage AND meele... yes
  9. wtf is this? i only come on the forums when im bored in the car and this is what i see gets posted? fuck you EDIT: for all you lazy retards this is what the title means. its google translate so its obviously broken af
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