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  1. this was just a leftover and i didnt want to upload a ~10 second video of just the kill...
  2. autograph signing tomorrow at 4pm EST until 8pm est
  3. why would you make GFX before you get the payment?... just wondering!:)
  4. got this inventory setup from you so figured id give it a shot...
  5. i only liked it because you lost 25m+... otherwise, i wouldnt like SHIT! im a proud white young male and i dont need to be told what to do! #DoxUrNan2020
  6. to be a cunt but max str would be; serp helm vesta's top vesta's bottom infernal cape tent whip avernic defender b ring (i) the new(ish) gloves amulet of torture INB4 'DOX UR NAN BIGGEST CUNT N/A!!!!!!!1'
  7. nice vid! not even ganna be a cunt to you today because im feeling nicer... but if i was ganna be a cunt, id say something like "your hamsters were running around the wheel to power your internet" but im not a dick today!
  8. maybe youll get as big as me one day... L0L! J O K I N G !!!
  9. nice wins man! i dont want to venture into ::duel and lose the ~1m ive gotten from it! might stake 100ks, might not vOv
  10. support because it seems like it may be nice for you and youtubers in the future:)
  11. fantastic is a FANTASTIC admin!!!!!!!



















    ^^^^^^ THIS

    1. Fantastic


      Was wondering why there was no reply option.. So many enter-spaces.. 🤔

  12. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WHEELY DO!!!!!!!!
  13. looks awesome if you actually created these but they look like a random GFX maker online tool tbh... best of luck getting customers! (not trying to be a smart ass either)
  14. no. this isnt my video of me slapping taylor! this is me dunking on a dh rat talking shit...
  15. i stopped watching when i saw the first two 'clips', are ags to gmaul specs that the person that you were fighting, tele'd on...
  16. if you get the vet rank, i want the vet rank...
  17. SICK VID! AGS TO GMAUL SHOWS ALOT OF SKILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 put parts of the fight into your next vid(eos)...
  18. requesting for you to talk to announce your referral codes!
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