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  1. it’s just smaller than the default one:) zoom in and you’ll be able to see it... thank you my man
  2. if @Smackd would get into parliament, this would mean @Smackdwould really win in the @Smackdand @Castialbeef
  3. i prefer to call him by his politically correct name, jcunt
  4. 33 gmaul 80 ags on tank how? the roat pkers lol
  5. probably stumpy cunts so they literally can’t say it to my face even though i’m sitting down lmfao
  6. to verify that you’re on the right version go to https://java.con and download, then run the installer. that way you know for a face that you have the latest version on java:) #presidentdox
  7. ok ill go back to meek mill np just a lot of you freaks were complaining about me using meek for all my videos so i thought id switch it up, put on the mac miller jango and nf was the first song i listened to... liked it so i started listening to more of his shit and decided id ust him instead of meek:/ but ur rite, i was thinking of using a more suitable artist for the roats forums... EDIT: @Tupachasnt come through anything significant in his life so NF is a bad rapper in his opinion
  8. could’ve been better... take some notes!
  9. gz to every except @JBLIND. fuck you.
  10. i only know you because you were the ::easts cheerleader lmao stop
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