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  1. pls move to screenshots and videos... https://forum.roatpkz.com/index.php?/forum/30-screenshots-and-videos/
  2. you love god bur the questions is, does he live you?! EDIT: god loves everyone
  3. should make it so that you have to get 1k kill on different okayers to avoid boosting:)
  4. cant buy mental health classes with steam credit, ive tried:(
  5. we should start a petition to have a party as a coming home party for when you get back:)
  6. should i sell my Bayonet Doppler ) and buy a Stiletto Slaughter ? these are the animations of pulling them out: Bayonet: Stiletto: Bayonet is worth $450 CAD and Stiletto is worth #394.82 at the time of this post.
  7. amazing, but i think my GFX rivals yours... a tiny sample i gave someone... :
  8. i gotchu... dm me on discord:) Isaiah/Dox Ur Nan/Touch Tablet#5029
  9. what’s his paypal? think $50 CAD would do? depending on which currency you have you can either get more than $50, or less...
  10. Isaiah

    i frickin hate jblind

    we are brother but i’m just sayin facts
  11. don’t like mine? fuck smh
  12. it’s team pking and they’re using gmauls and double claw spec’ing... you’re better than that m8:/
  13. Isaiah

    i frickin hate jblind

  14. just like your skull.... AYO! ZINGER!!!!
  15. yes. ive lost 7 stakes in a row before. gg 550k pkt
  16. im not good enough?... i guess ill sell my product somewhere else!
  17. gfx4hire: after this sample no more free samples! accept osrs gp too just need a middle man...
  18. ? let’s go back to the days when 2 brews was all everyone took, and people were shamed for being more than two, shall we? http://youtube.com/touchtablet
  19. ... yuh guys jeez... stop bullying Jordan:/ not nice! i’m telling ur mom
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