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  1. Gz on that win. 1p is sometimes all you need
  2. Xorakk


    welcome back tho
  3. 99k isnt a lot. Plus you can make a lot more than just 99k from maxing. (Resources + achievements) The run thing isnt bad as you only use run in wildy. However I agree if the limit was higher it would be nice. Now the picture above is why you want to get that cape. Once you hit 1089 total and have this and continue to skill it adds up. Especially if you keep everything. Now if got ex 1b total exp with that cape think of the amount of resources you'd have - and how much that would translate to in value. This is actually why I am pushing for max as well as i find it very worth it to have the cape.
  4. Osrs turned rs3 with those items hhhhh No to all.
  5. And if he has "low.iq" would that mean you completely lack it? There is a clear benefit to maxing. There is a forum post w/what max cape gives. Either way a slight boost is better than nothing at all. That boost would be worth when aiming for 200m in each skill as the amount of skilling points and skilling supplies you can get would be enough to satisfy any gambling addict at fp. Lets not 5get about unlimited slayer teleports and multiple other teleports that the cape gives. Lastly the rewards arent great i know, in the long run as mentioned before it does add up and its better than nothing.
  6. @Parks06 Fruity 1 - Parks 0
  7. Eh wouldnt be a bad idea either as its already in osrs anyway.
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