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  1. IGN:JOIRK 2 KING JOIRK EU TIMEZONE I PLAY 24/7 IN A COFE SHOP I got banned on swab by just matty and wanna take revenge! Nice some more multi action since fm got bullied and deicde to quit the game may the best win big shoutout to smackd for leading this upcoming multi cc
  2. Sick updates gretar hope this will bring alot of more new players into the game.
  3. Staff team just getting better and better U should have yiyo as a moderator doing rlly great for the past months and been active asf will be nice to have a moderator online from the vennys timezone seeing daily ppl spamming stupid things in the yellchat when there is nobody online to do somthing about it so having him as a moderator will be a good choice for sure
  4. Its a shit update ngl it would be good for the solo pkers so they can pvm but it would be not good for the ccs its seems now like zaros the wild is gonna be more dead ccs cant even fight each other anymore at revs caves only at 50s atm so i hope gretar gonna change it soon and just keep it that way like before dzone back to multi and those revs caves also
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