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  1. Always appreciate you going above and beyond when providing constructive feedback and criticism. I am sure all the staff appreciate this a lot!
  2. Congratulations to the winning teams of the Roat Pkz Clan Cup Tournament #22 - 27/12/21 Winners AUD - 500M OSRS Rat Gang - 300M OSRS SOA - 150M OSRS 1 - 50M OSRS Thank you to all the teams for participating! Stay up to date on our Discord servers for future updates on the next clan cup tournament which we will announce very soon! We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and wish you all the best for the New Year! Roat Pkz Discord: https://discord.gg/roatpkz Roat Pkz Clan Cup Discord: https://discord.gg/p2Tkt42Vus
  3. Another world is not needed, would split the community which is not ideal right now.
  4. Global Admin @Smackd Gretar's right hand man; if a co-owner role ever become available this would suit you best as I know you work a lot behind the scenes offering suggestions to Gretar on what should be implemented in the game. A lot of the crucial updates which people love often come from SMACKD. Face of Roat Pkz. Admins @Fantastic Jack of all trades; spends a lot of time behind the scenes keeping things in order and improving processes. Deserves more credit for the work he does which a lot of people do not see. @JBLIND OG of the game, I am aware has a lot going on in his personal life but actively on Discord or when we require his advice or input. Would be nice to see you hop back in-game and smash out them LMS games like you once did. @Khalil one of my favourite admins on the team, OG of the game and always active in-game and on Discord. Goes that extra mile to get things resolved and takes queries or messages seriously to see them through to get a solution for players. Keep up the good work mate Mods @a pixel v1 OG of the game and been mod the longest out of the other staff. Knows what is expected of him and does a good job. @Fruitiest Under appreciated as a Mod but brings a lot to the team. Nice guy who also is doing a good job. @goat most approachable when I first got promoted to mod and helped me a lot with questions which I appreciated. His skills and achievements on the game prove how committed he is which cannot be justified. Doing a good job! Server Supports @tom riddle Inactive? @Tulrak The amount of hours TULRAK puts in is incomparable to the other SS. He has been SS for a long time, knowledgeable of the game and is doing a very good job. @2 wapens Different time zone @YIYO King of Venezuela - spokesperson for the Venezuelan community which play the game. Keep up the good work! @no name set Fellow brit, helpful and approachable. Keep up the good work. Also love the suggestions you bring forward as well. @Chui - Keep up the good work! @King Arturia - Has been SS in the past so familiar with the role. OG of the game, very knowledgeable on all aspects + makes really good PK videos. Keep up the good work! @VALENCE - One of my favourite promotions so far, quickly found his feet and become a well known player across Roatz since his promotion. Very active and and always the first to respond to queries in-game through requests. Someone else that would go the extra mile to help people out if they need it. Amazing job @Boney Money - another individual like Valence who has stepped it up since he got promoted to SS. Knowledge of the game, active and is doing a really good job right now! Contributes a lot to PK suggestions/fixes and ideas which should not go unnoticed. @Ya Mama - a lot of people were not as supportive when Niddy got promoted but he's doing a really good job so far. Knows what is expected as SS due to previous role on other games. Always bringing forward suggestions to improve the game, keep up the good work! @babderkun - inactive?
  5. Thanks for taking out time to provide feedback for all staff. Props to you!
  6. New donator rank is a must, long overdue no doubt..
  7. Glad you managed to find a fix. Don't worry I will lock this topic for you.
  8. I would not mind this but feel it's not necessary. We have seen more teams/clans open up since the CC cap update which means things are doing better.
  9. I forgot to take a picture on the day but Lucky Chump won the event on Friday. 250k PKP was added to his bank.
  10. The poll for the next Roat Pkz Clan Cup is underway on our Discord. Be sure to head over and vote for your preferred setup, simply react to the number below the post on Discord. We are giving away 1,000M+ OSRS in prizes to the winning teams. Roat Pkz Clan Cup Discord > #clan-cup-polls Roat Pkz Clan Cup Discord: https://discord.gg/p2Tkt42Vus Roat Pkz Discord: https://discord.gg/roatpkz
  11. As the festive season is around the corner, we have decided to increase the Roat Pkz Daily & Weekly Hiscores by 50% for the week commencing 6th of December - 12th of December 2021 As well as this, we are also offering RSGP to the top 3 clans/teams on the weekly leader boards (Overall Kills). 50M OSRS 35M OSRS 15M OSRS Individual Scoreboard Overall Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Pure Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Hybrid Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 BH Target Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Deep Wild Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Slayer XP: 10,000 > 15,000 Killstreak Shutdowns: 10,000 > 15,000 Clan Scoreboard Overall Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Single Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Multi Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Pure Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Wildy Keys Caught: 10,000 > 15,000 Total PvM Loot: 10,000 > 15,000 Rev Cave PvP Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Deep Wild Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 Jad & Skotizo Kills: 10,000 > 15,000 You can keep up to date with the leader boards using the ::daily command in-game. All the best to all teams/clans participating! Update (13/12/21) - We have decided to extend this for another week (13th of December - 19th of December). Congratulations to the following top 3 clans on winning the RSGP prize we had up for grabs. Winning teams can message myself via forums PM or on Discord @ Baz#5941 to receive their RSGP. Purge - 50M Swab - 35M SKULLERS - 15M
  12. Baz

    Clan Perk

    Good idea. I like this. Maybe even have our own feed where co-leaders+ can type posts etc.
  13. Roat Pkz - Overall Kills Event (29th of November - 3rd of December 23:59) After the success of the first weekly event, I have decided to run another which will last for 5 days (29th of November - 3rd of December). Whoever reaches #1 in 'Overall Kills' will receive 250k PKP from myself. Cheating will not be tolerated and if caught (with evidence) will be disqualified, and the next person on the leader boards will receive the prize. Please send proof to Baz via forums PM. Current Leaderboards Good luck to everyone participating!
  14. Congratulations to the winning teams of the Roat Pkz Clan Cup Tournament - 28/11/21 Winners AUD - 500M OSRS The Humblers - 300M OSRS AUD - 150M OSRS Swab - 50M OSRS Thank you to all the teams for participating. Stay up to date on our discord servers for further updates on the next clan cup tournament which we will announce very soon! Roatz Discord: https://discord.gg/roatpkz Roatz Clan Cup Discord: https://discord.gg/p2Tkt42Vus
  15. Competition was due to end at 0:00 today but as the gap between 1st and 2nd is huge, I have paid out the winner of the first weekly event I Got Stds2 his prize! Stay tuned for future events on both forums and Discord.
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