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  1. Owner Gretar - good Global Admin(s) SMACKD - nice guy Administrator(s) Fantastic Cx - dont see u Rag Bot V1 - nice guy Player Moderator(s) Fruitiest - helpful Goat - legend Baz - retard Valence - idk Server Support(s) No Name Set - shit Chui - nice guy King Arturia - nice guy Niddy - Niddy could be one of the most disabled members of this staff team. He is 16 years old. Too busy playing legacyPK. Niddy how does it feel beta testing for os scape for months then getting demoted because you were 16 and had a squeeky voice. Skeleton - who? Fun Time - All this guy does is gamble and sell donations Ex0tic - nice guy Sinister - Jason is the most corrupt member of staff. Flames, Oaq - disabled rat Grabauskas - another flamer who got SS because he licks all of the staff members ass Missslayer - who the fuck is this Necrofear Pb - idk
  2. Its a quiet wednesday morning on Roat Pkz, Until this donkey fucker PM's me. Sit down @wsqa1234, Thanks for your money
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