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    Skilling Guide

    Only thing you're missing is Nieves Blessing scroll info for +15% Accuracy & Damage for slayer.
  2. Overall you have explained nothing, given no good reason why it's not a good idea. I think you saw the text "merch" and instantly got some mixed feelings about you being upset about selling your items too cheap.
  3. I could buy legendary donator on 3 accounts, BOOM 60 TP Slots. How is this any different, having it all on 1 acc.
  4. Let me give you an example. BHP is tradable, You can buy ancestral with BHP [30K BHP Cost] Cheapest in tp: 90K PKP = 3 PKP per BHP You can buy justiciar legs with BHP [10K BHP Cost] Cheapest in tp: 37K = 3.7 PKP per BHP 10k bhp is less than 30k yet you get more for your money with justiciar [assuming it sells] Maybe stupid people might buy the bigger item with slayer points but most people would just sell the points and buy the item with PKP, next someone smart enough to calculate what's the best PKP per Point ratio would buy tradable points, figure out what he profits the most with and sell that item, therefore stabilizing prices a lot more by being able to just buy more of that item instantly. If an item skyrocketted suddenly then you would buy points and buy that item, this would make all the other items more stable since less of the lower Point to PKP ratio items are not worth picking. Make sense?
  5. I have no idea how you'd want this ticket to come in to the game but the ticket would grand you access to 50 trade post slots, this ticket would ignore your donator status in terms of how many trade slots you get. Yeah 50 slots, that sounds like one hell of a mess.,, so also as well as having a total of 50 TP slots you could also have access to a search feature on your own trade post so it would filter the results rather than showing the full trade post, for example you would write "Dragon" and it would find all items in your trade post with dragon in the name, Dragon claws / Dragon pickaxe .. w/e This would help solve the messy TP issue if you can't find one of your items There's a few different ideas you could use for obtaining one of these tickets, you could: Add it to a shop and sell it for PKP Add it to a shop and sell it for Donator Points Thoughts? Do you think 50 slots is too many? Should it be an expensive ticket to make it more balanced? Do you have any ideas for how to obtain one of these tickets?
  6. I actually disagree with you, If the points were tradable then merchants would be buying the most profitable item to buy with slayer points and instead of viggoras crashing or whatever it would stabilize prices a lot more. This would prevent viggoras or craw's from rising a ridiclous amount or any other item bought with slayer points. Either way I do not support this idea.
  7. Sometimes this happens to me too just quit the application and restart it, sometimes it doesn't launch, but others it does. If this doesn't fix it make sure you are on the latest version of java, If that still doesn't fix it, I'd advise deleting all the roatPkz files from your Home folder named something like RoatPkz6 anything roat related and reinstall the game.
  8. Instead of removing the warning all together can you make it so you can set a price of items that you would not like the warning to have. in OSBuddy or some runelite client I Remember being able to remove the warning for items below 50K or whatever value you input. I'd like to be able to drop all my fish in my inventory without a warning while clicking on an Ely in inventory it will avoid that message for the Ely but drop the rest without asking.
  9. When attempting to cut gems at level 1 crafting with +25 Levels for crafting, it will not let you. Had a 16 crafting level requirement with 26/1 and it would not cut the gems.
  10. When a giveaway is waiting to be drawn by the youtuber it say's : It really should be Orange and state that the draw is still Waiting To Be Drawn.
  11. lmao Those 1-2 People would be large donors thooooo Imagine reaching 10k and claiming a cape just to find out it has more bugs than the first version of runescape.
  12. The main suggestion is: Hire someone who is good at Animations and Modelling. The Angel cape & $10k Custom angel capes deserve to move with your character when performing emotes, Also the legs have been sticking out the back of the cape forever, this should be fixed. also before you comment saying waste of time @zite Shut the fuck up and pay someone who does it for a living to do it, we don't need gretar to create the animations, someone who does it for a living can do it. People who donate a lot and reach $10k Angel cape deserve to have a functional cape that works with emotes, I believe this is not a waste of time because those who donate a lot deserve to have outfits that look good and not glitched tf out and buggy.
  13. Dunno why I'm struggling to get the reply in this too but i'll just type here: Thanks for the detailed reply, I really like your thoughts and the breakdown of your reply. I will take these ideas in to consideration when thinking of new suggestions that could be more minorly convinient rather than overwhelming benefits. I did not know you'd get 2M pkp from the cape so benefits in regards to earning bonus money from the cape does seem unnecessary. I understand new pvp mechanics would be game breaking and affect the experience of a pvp server drastically and see why they shouldn't be a thing. Baz would throw 3M into a rusty old chest for noobs to click balloons, I think baz would pay 3M for any item that less than 1% of the server has just to save a lot of hours on skilling lmao
  14. Loool you think it's overpowered, the benefits are trash, anyone wanting to max out because of the benefits has severe problems. There definitely needs to be more work on on making the cape actually good. man said overpowered... haha nah man my pc enjoys it
  15. great to hear feedback, Why would an emote be a waste of time? I'm sure the server could find an animator for a reasonable price if gretar is unable to do animations. Also why would you think double resources is too overpowered? Resources have nearly no value and can only be used to get closer to 200m / friends to max. Also if the Max mystery boxes are too OP or you dislike them why? What could make it more fair, what items could it give that would work. I have heard a lot of your opinions in this reply but there isn't much reasons why, I would like to hear your thoughts on the reason you don't like them.
  16. Thanks for the reply, Love to hear the feedback
  17. I had a look at the current max cape bonus' and I feel that there really is no incentive to get the cape. so I've had a think about ideas that would make more people want the cape, I have had a bit of time to think about the improvements to be done and I feel there should be incentives for each different play style. Suggestions that would be for everyone with max cape: [1] A new ::Max teleport where there is a trade post, shops, and just a chill spot for those who have put in the hours to have a unique zone that most players can't get to. [2] This one is linked to the first idea and would be a Boss / Skill / Pvm / Pk zone within the ::max zone area, somewhat similar to the donator zones but it would be exclusive to people that are maxed, this would act similarly to the 2K total worlds for osrs and would allow maxed users to pvm/skill a lot more afk in the wilderness or let them bring bigger risk since there would be a lot less chance clans would be able to get them there. [+] Bonus Suggestion linked to this could be that the max zone could have a bank in the wilderness [+] Another Bonus suggestion could be that the Max zone gives you 2-3X resources from mining / woodcut OR maybe make it so that you can afk for longer, maybe rune rocks let you mine 2 before it depletes & fishing spots last longer or make it so that smithing has a chance of giving you 2 of an item. [3] An emote for the max cape, Maybe there already is one.. I'm not sure but if there isn't this could be a cool way to flex your hard earned cape. [ Maybe even make it so you can do this emote while Fping so it is used more often ] For people trying to rebuild / Poorer players: [1] The max cape could give +10-25% damage increase vs PVM monsters while wearing the cape, or alternatively they could make it so the max zone will have increased damage. [2] The max cape could give an increased drop rate for rare items similar to the way vote bonus' work [5-15% increased drop rate could be added] while stacking with all other bonus' . [3] A Daily bonus, maybe if you are maxed, every day you login you get a free vote mystery box or 2, or a unique mystery box just for max players with some items in. For Players interested in Fashionscape / Gambling: [1] Add a few new recolours so the cape would go well with some customs, I'm terrible with art so I'm not going to say what colours would go well.. - Emote for fping would be cool for gamblers. For Pkers [1] The max cape could have 3 optional affects that you can change every 24 Hours from the following: Magic Defence - The cape has a 10% increased chance of a freeze / entangle spell of splashing on you. Range Defence - The cape has a 10% chance of a bolt special attack [such as onyx / dragonfire] not toggling on you Melee Defence - The cape has a 5% chance of a dragon spear failing it's special attack on you [I'm not sure if this would be too op maybe 5% is too high, but this could be the difference between life and death] These 3 options could be permanent or they could be togglable, maybe you could add a pkp sink / item sink and cost a certain item or amount of pkp to switch it. But I feel like there should also be a cooldown and it should not be changable in the wilderness [only at an npc] Well these are my suggestions to give people a real reason to want to have a max cape, I feel like the thread is lacking on some features for gamblers, new colours would be cool but maybe there could be more. Feel free to comment your views on each of the suggestions, flaws and what you like about it. All the feedback will be appreciated.
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