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  1. i wasn't hiding invo? why would my invo matter?
  2. But i'm white? toxic children online. Worthless fucks lmao.
  3. http://prntscr.com/a24p5r Kid talks so much smack but then. lmao
  4. confirmed parents beat when young sorry bud youll get through it is homo the only thing you children say
  5. no its fine but you're gonna leech off them for the rest of your life differing from someone leaving and doing something with their life. Yeah man i truly see you struggling.
  6. A. i haven't bridded in like a year B. this was just a quick upload because he was talking shit hence no music. C. nah only fkey i dont use is F3 because theres a gap between f1f2f3 and f4f5f6 etc on my keyboard so it's really shit for me to use it Someones a bitch and takes runescape bridding to serious go find some sunlight child You're 15 live with your parents and that'll never change and your best accomplishment in life is getting youtuber rank on a rsps He said 1-0 clrd after i ran the first time so if he was counting em so was i plus the second fight i started recording towards the end so i counted it as he did
  7. Jmr was ragging me because i tried to fight him so instead i 2-1 him and he was saying in yell 2-0 he won n shit when really its 2-1 and i won lmao
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