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  1. well i'll take it, believe me ! haha
  2. i only got 99 agility which i grinded w double exp scroll, whenever i start feeling better after tomorrow, if i still decide to play roatz like i am.. want to skill for a bit together ? aha
  3. i don't get what you're saying, so oct. 31?
  4. Tomorrow will be my first day of sobriety. Yes I have Medicane to help me with it and councilors and people by my side. It's never been hidden from anyone but growing up I was always around drugs, never figured I'd find myself in a place where I'd have to risk my life everyday to support my habit and become a dealer. I am now going thru so many legal troubles I'm forced to stop doing what I do and before money becomes a problem I'm going to put my foot forward and put my foot on the brake as hard and as fast as I can. I haven't attempted to be sober in 4 years. I'm going to be struggling and all prayers and wishes will be thought of, goodluck to me. If I'm not online tomorrow etc, I'm dopesick but thinking of you guys. My goal in the next month or two is 1- get sober 2- go to the gym 3- get a real job. This is more serious than you can think and I hope it's alright to post this. Some of you may ask why I'm posting this.. reason being is because roatpkz has been my outlet in life for many years, let alone.. I have noone irl. Goodluck to me, all prayers accepted. Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know when the Halloween event will come ingame ? I have a new account with no holiday events done and I'm dying to do one. Anyone know if all events are done at same time every holiday every year or does it vary? Any ideas on when Halloween event will be added in? I'd imagine soon! Can't wait
  6. Gretar has it so no clients can work for anything for a long time such as auto clicker cuz of the genie popping up, props to him. In roatpkz I'm talking
  7. Love the level of edits, what do you use to edit your videos if you don't mind me asking.?
  8. I always just paid thanks regardless, good job
  9. Oh sweet! U got any 99s? @Chef
  10. @Chefskilling buddy? Let me know, will make it easier for us both. Also much appreciated I'm taking your word upon all them skills mentioned above. Thanks
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