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  1. You really spent your time screenshotting this? New to being in a clan or what? l0l.
  2. Thanks Dad, wrote this on 16 hours of no sleep too! Feels great to be alive.
  3. A new RSPS main clan coming to RoatzPK! Dedicated players with over 10 years + of competitive clanning experience looking to compete against everyone and anyone. Our mission on this server is to involve ourselves in as many of the tournaments & multi pking possible. Our clan is just starting out, new on this RSPS, but also a former Runescape clan for many years. The beginning stages will take some time to build up, so if you do join please be aware that we're building up before major things happen. If you like what you have read, we would like to have you join our clan, please click on the discord link below to join today! DISCORD: https://discord.gg/qr6QWuxkJq CLANCHAT INGAME: AP PUBLIC Leader - Control Pker High Council- Edjez Warlord- M0zzzy & Anthony Council- Black & Zog More Ranks to be added! TBA
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