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  1. God

    heya xoxo

    couple hundres times better than urs but w.e
  2. Better than previous one, ngl
  3. God


    What if, you can't ::highrisk for that redskull unless you risk something that's valuable. And, you can't ::highrisk to get a white skull unless you're in safe-zone. And, to enter the zone, you must have a red skull.
  4. I was asked to play on his account but whatever besides, I know him irl why would I have to beg? L OL
  5. Finally, someone who's not braindead! You don't own an account on Runescape, you're not allowed to talk, go back in your little corner and stay quiet.
  6. Sweden, I'm on most of the time. Ingame name?
  7. I've been rich too. At one point I had 36m and a custom, still felt like the prices in PK shop weren't reasonable. Buy me an Armayl godsword since it's so easy to get?
  8. I don't hybrid on Roat Pkz, it's pointless. Isn't it embarrassing to die to someone who doesn't hybrid? I mean,you all overrate yourselves, if you can overrate yourselves I expect you to last more than a minute (Arun, Jake & Mr Taylor.) You take this game too seriously. For a year you all asked me to come on 07, and now, when I have access to an account, you wont fight me on there. Taylor, Jake, Kevin (?king or slave), Why Gg, Evnev and Symphony pure nh me osrs 325 varrock tomorrow thanks
  9. "a bit high" I haven't hit a 70 yet in Bandos on Ahrim's but I've hit 40-33/40-41 with the dds ON Bandos, the Ags isn't that good, 5k isn't a reasonable price idgaf And, get me an ags if it's so ez to get then?
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