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  1. Wait, how do you get 40-80k in 5-10 minutes? You can only vote once every 12 hours? So a maximal of 4 vote tickets + a vote box which is like 10k.
  2. Well, i can confirm it is not my mouse that is the problem, because on other RSPS's it zooms out fast.
  3. Trying to zoom in and out the screen with your mouse is unbelievable slow, please fix this immediately if its not some setting, its very important to zoom in and out fast when in pvp, this is one of these mechanics on this server that really annoys me.
  4. There could be a little bank icon chest somewhere on your screen that you can toggle on and off just like the bounty hunter interface. No problem.
  5. Make it so you can load a preset with your highest tier emblem that you have in your bank. This would really make a huge difference when it comes to comfort, because sometimes you forget to bring ur emblem when you kill your target and that is very frustrating. If not for regular players, it could be made as a donator benefit, i would defintely donate for a perk like that.
  6. If recover special could be added upon loading a preset it would really be so much better instead of having to type ::spec everytime and also make it so you can open bank by clicking somewhere for example where the hp icon is so you dont have to type ::bank, that for me would make a huge difference in comfort.
  7. We can negotiate a fair price. Leave a message here with your ign or pm me ingame "Kill3rman".
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