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  1. I apologize, I’m slow lol I’ve listened to his music bro lol they aren’t that good, The only ones that I think aren’t that bad would be 1. Name in the sand, 2. Fake, 3. Rude Rest is meh, All I do is listen to music. Bet I knew about him before you bro, either way I just don’t fw his new shit.
  2. Quitting so this is Last vid, Hit [email protected] for that work, Great editor. Hope you all enjoyed, Sorry that we couldn’t make it longer just lost all motivation for this game and no longer have time to play.
  3. I would never come from a paki sorry and lil skies still trash tho lmfao
  4. Was good till I heard lil skies
  5. This is what Roat Pkz, Youtubers have come too What an actual joke. Please stop giving out ranks to people with low iq’s @Gretar
  6. Nice ratlords Why every clan keep changing names? Just stick to a god damn name and hashtag it nerds, Swear there’s a “new” clan on roat pkz every month
  7. Gretar has been promoting people with low iq’s for years now, Surprised you weren’t on the list bro, better luck next time LOL @King Arturia Gz fam ( The rest we’re mistakes imo )
  8. Matt


    Why’d you add smackd and ban lol I have no problem’s with them cause they can actually be themselves. As for you kaheem or whatever tf your garbage name is keep trolling dumb nerd Let’s talk now ye?
  9. Matt


    The fuck are you talking about when have I ever gotten bullied on any game? Lmfao you think to highly of yourself if you believe I care about what you and your freak friends think or say, Weird attention seekers. Don’t need back up, You’re a waste, You’re at least twenty and still walk around with earrings in your ear. Please fix yourself bro Repeating something I said nearly three years ago, Just shows how much attention you children feed off of. Does your parents not give you enough? considering they both work to feed your dumbass, I wouldn’t want to spend time with you if you were my child either, Pretending to be tough on a server you been playing for a couple years, but still haven’t gotten anywhere with it, besides bragging about how fast you can move your mouse and click. Reevaluate your life pubescent moron.
  10. Matt


    Lol it’s a game, I don’t care about dying. ion think you understand that lmfao, this shit boring. You can spend another 5 years on this server losing your max sets to @Blue Dragon & @Hatcx weirdo
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