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  1. Just accept that he killed you, It’s a game. Stop taking it so serious
  2. Funny how your ego changed over the years, See you at edgepvp eventually faggot.
  3. I remember bullying you not so long ago guy relax
  4. Thank you, Appreciate it.
  5. Please don’t copy my music awkward...
  6. Put some clips together and made a quick video, Enjoy.
  7. Why does the staff team get worse every couple of months, Haven’t seen it this bad since they gave @Requiem Af a rank
  8. Holy shit just shut up already retard please
  9. Fuck you piece of shit, Lent you an ags like 2 years ago and you scammed me. Hope you trip on ur shoelace and Land on ur buck teeth faggot
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