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  1. Holy shit just shut up already retard please
  2. Fuck you piece of shit, Lent you an ags like 2 years ago and you scammed me. Hope you trip on ur shoelace and Land on ur buck teeth faggot
  3. I Already quit lol ???? Why you quoting me for moron
  4. Haha yeah sure freak, Goodbye
  5. That’s funny, I’m the attention seeker? Yet you’re the one commenting on people’s post, Making smug comments about suicide as if it’s a joke. Grow up Arun and maybe I’ll stop making “dead jokes” lol You’re in college but have the brain of a seventeen year old, Take the earrings out and be a man already.
  6. Leave the “adult” with earrings in his ears alone! Burger King is a step up from Mc donalds for him
  7. I’d throw away this entire staff team for @Graphics @Yoobs Unfortunately, This is what the staff team has become.
  8. Appreciate it fam Thank you.
  9. I apologize, I’m slow lol I’ve listened to his music bro lol they aren’t that good, The only ones that I think aren’t that bad would be 1. Name in the sand, 2. Fake, 3. Rude Rest is meh, All I do is listen to music. Bet I knew about him before you bro, either way I just don’t fw his new shit.
  10. Quitting so this is Last vid, Hit [email protected] for that work, Great editor. Hope you all enjoyed, Sorry that we couldn’t make it longer just lost all motivation for this game and no longer have time to play.
  11. I would never come from a paki sorry and lil skies still trash tho lmfao
  12. Was good till I heard lil skies
  13. This is what Roat Pkz, Youtubers have come too What an actual joke. Please stop giving out ranks to people with low iq’s @Gretar
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