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  1. that is why i said Buy ranks?
  2. Staking. Staking can be unfair due to pid, and i don't think is 50/50 like it should be. With the removal of pid and allowing the last hits to register will allow the duels to be completely fair for both players. Dicing. For players who don't like the risk in staking due to PID or scammers, with the introduction of dicing would allow all types of players to still gamble. Ranks could be introduced by either earning them or paying for them to stop scammers, if in the poll it is decided to not have ranks then it should be advised to record all duel and have scamming BANNABLE.
  3. Your comment was not deleted... Having the introduction of a cosmetic will not effect your gameplay. Well "Roat"PKZ" doesn't have much content coming into the game, nor will the number of players.
  4. What if people don't have $1000?
  5. I think a new cosmetic should be introduced. Not as a super rare either.
  6. worth 1k? ive never in my life seen one being sold for a pair of claws.
  7. who uses wings of anarchy as a cosmetic, if rather stick pins in my eyes.... i just think it would be cool to have them have bonuses during pvp
  8. that would be because they do fuckall for you
  9. well i dont see why it cant become a thing?
  10. I will be posting a few updates in next few weeks, i already have them written out, i just want a in-depth discussion on them all Capes - a lot of items have been forgotten about and are now "junk", the deadly slayer, death wings of anarchy and the rest are now useless and un-used. I think that they should come with bonuses. For example the wings of anarchy could give a 10% chance of increasing your hit by 1-10, and the angel wings could give a 5% chance of healing 10% of your opponents hits during the fights. The angle cape i think could give a 5% chance to reduce your opponents hits by 10% whilst in a fight. With the rest of the capes, ideas can be discussed.
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