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  1. I died for the banter to give you the killpic you're trying to get for years, hence why I didn't tab and let myself just die. You died midfight and tabbed 18 times, hhhhhhhhhhhh, I thought you were a scale 3 hybrid on a scale of 1-10, but you're even worse than I thought you were.
  2. Didn't I drop you on your alt Kalastonia for max? Pipe it lmao.
  3. Title is self explanatory hahaha, didn't tab on purpose seeing that he had to lie all over forums of me being scare to ''fight him'', felt sorry for this fanboy. Seeing he's on an ALT as they all are: Here's the easy kill, only had to eat twice my god.. Hhhhhh: And here's all his tabs, end score was about 18-3. Me scared to fight you? Why would I be. You're legit trash and so is the rest of your shitty team. Talk about being scared to fight, nah nigga I've told you you're boring to fight because it's ALWAYS a win. Was ez.
  4. There's 4 killpics @ that thread. I gave Arun that kill for free, since he wanted a kill of me so badly that he'd have to lie around the forums thinking I'm scared to fight him hahaha. I'll have a new thread up in a few minutes since he actually wanted to try pipe up with a freely given killpic hahahaha.
  5. Nah it stands for Straight G's. Just a random choice of CC name.
  6. I mean this is getting too easy guys.. When will you start being competition hhhhhhhh.
  7. When you think I take screenshots/vids of any type of gameplay serious hhhhh. How's ROT by the way, heard you can't even tank a half while in full rags 10 brews hmm.
  8. Oh it sure is you hahaha, cute denial stage though shitter. When you're the only bankstander I know hahaha, oh and these killpics are max 10 days old so what's ''old'', fix up. Ya'll try to cover up enough shit cause ya'll get beaten and stomped on like roaches hhhhhhh, and me scared to fight you? LOL. Don't you mean you're too scared to get out of 50 pkp risk when I tell you I don't do shit risks? Legit make you tab and nap in safezone everytime you try to pipe up but cute try. Slavish will be full front slaves of me all day every day <3 So there's about 3 killpics and also a notification of the other pictures of them being ''embarassing moments''. If your iq is that low that you're unable to even comprehend the easiest words, you're lost and I feel sorry for you.
  9. So I seen the cute video on me by Smokey. Very cute that you're actually using 2 forum accounts to try and hide your alt hahaha ''Nick Whimster''. Anyway, piped up on a 1v1 ''death match'' where RNG blessed you, no wonder you cut 3/4th the fight out. How about I share a few funny pictures on Lavish now seeing that you put DIZZIE on the spot at ladder at the end, trying to glorify a killpic where he was screen glitched, shows how desperate you kids are for killpics considering the fact that Lavish's PK trips nowadays only consist out of falling in on kids in mystic and rune @Gorillas. Here's some embarassing moments; this is where m3rked loses hope and switches into rags == Then we have a couple kills; Why did your boys leave you hhhhhhhhh, you only had Genj backing you up cause the rest pussied out and ran single but wasnt ya'll first at the jad there? didn't think we'd show up did you hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ya'll a bunch of shitters and I'm legit laughing lmao. Legit every team out there has shat on you kids, no wonder ya'll rats keep changing CC names. By the way, quit avoiding me at brid zones. Everytime I walk up there and ya'll in max and see me ya'll jump straight to mystic barrows because you know I won't waste time to pk 50 PKP off of you reject slaves. Ya'll be leaving the area as well as soon as I arrive, clown ass rats lmao. Stay easy, stay tight and stay hopeful <3.
  10. I would love to see an IP check on the ''otf member'' that died lmao. Do you really think we wouldn't call back up if we were tbed? What kind of clueless attempt is this. And PH has already shown before to make fake OTF accounts in hope trying to catch a KP init.
  11. He's in #PH right now, look at memberslist lol. Tee Vee = craig
  12. Omfgitzhere

    Joe Budden

    Yes boyyyyyyyyyyyy
  13. Omfgitzhere


    Lmao it's the same shit. Can easily put the PK tickets at the price range of how much items sell for online. Only difference is you get straight pkp and can use it however the fuck you want. You've obviously never played any other server than Roatz, no fucking wonder you sound like you are on the edge of comitting suicide every day. And to the other 2 retards that keep commenting on my thread trying desperately to gain my attention, quit trying mongs I'm in a convo with yoobs;).
  14. Omfgitzhere


    Explain to me how my suggestion even makes it a P2W lmao. It's already a P2W if you wanna look at it like that, with all the chaotics and spirit shields etc. These are easy advantages over anyone without them even costing a dime in game. What I'm talking about is shit that's still gonna be worthful and actually will have any meaning to donate for. Who the fuck is going to donate for any item that's in the store right now, with all these dumb ass prices hanging above them. Enlighten me lmfao.
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