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  1. Still don't know how most of the server supports contribute to the game.
  2. Good post, would be surprised if people can't understand this
  3. Tui

    My Music

    autotune is fucking gay, sorry.
  4. In game name: Tui do you have any single/Multi pking experience?: Ofc can you use discord?: Yes anything else you want to say?: No.
  5. Am interested, will apply once I see potential of the clan. Don't want my team mates to be randoms who can't F3.
  6. I'm saying the difference in order is such a small issue, it takes like 1 fight to get used to.
  7. It was always food - karam - brew before osrs came out, which is why it's like this. Isn't that big of a problem and is very adaptable.
  8. Hi people. I've been waiting since when I joined roat in 2008 to post this. But Finally, after many years of grinding donor island monsters, I've managed to purchase this beauty. Yes, before you ask, it is very genuine and not photoshopped. This is in fact, THE actual item. Like I said, blood sweat and tears went into being able to afford this. It also wasn't easy on my $30 laptop, fps capped at 10 and it was terrible. I'm proud to announce I finally own an assembler with the fury combo. Thanks for reading this isn't a joke. May allah be with you brothers.
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