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  1. respect jblind stop maging in ur verac's helm u orphan
  2. Lol nice achievement diary cape u fucking idiot
  3. Yoobs

    SS Drama

    If anyone is a fucking dip shit its you, you daft cunt, you're still fucking going on about SS like a year later. YOU WILL NEVER GET SS, you don't deserve it and your jokes are fucking shit. "i've did a lot of good jobs" no-one cares if u know 6 different languages you can't even speak one properly you fucking daft 4ner dog. Ofc jblind is more respected than you, you're nothing but a bit of comedy on the server and something to think about when you're feeling bad about yourself like "oh well i failed at this but atleast im not gym life the fucking ss obsessed weirdo cunt". You're talking about jblind dropping 100k to people or whatever but u payed for people to vote on a poll created for next SS you fucking freak. You say you're "done talking to this topic" i mean the topic isn't replying but yeah try again u fucking retard arab move your fathers saggy arab balls out of your face before you start typing random bollocks. Also Gretar isn't your mate u dumb cunt, if any arab is going to backstab anyone it's you. Get the fuck over getting SS on a p server and do something with your spare time rather than be a fucking mutant.
  4. You've literally turned into a 4ner
  5. Who the fuck are you again? I got demoted not because i was shit but try again in fact i didn't get demoted ever because i wasn't shit and i'm not an Arab i was born and raised in the United Kingdom yet you were born and raised in the sand dunes with your fellow doom coons you fucking towelhead and i'm not back i just browse the forums, so i cna flame autists like you. Don't call someone a "retarded arab" or a "stupid autistic moron" if you think coming is spelt "comming" makes you look like a "stupid autistic moron". I can't believe you're still salty over not getting SS, evidently being SS is just the biggest aspirations for niggers
  6. Carry on your idealogy of not talking you tranny
  7. I'm not macbanned?? That's why people talk to me on the daily about roat You have a son and you dedicate more time to RoatPKZ than it, someone call childline asap
  8. Stop saying lmao you fucking orphan, you have enough time to sit around and post about future staff members and your dumb arab predictions that no-one gives a fuck about. Why are you still here exactly? No-one likes you?? You don't have time or want to play?? but i'm a living legend around these ends ??
  9. Your son is a retard @Smackd
  10. Yoobs


    Yeah i hope you and obamanigger enjoy fucking each other on your boat you little faggot sailor boy and tell obamanigger he has a nice cat
  11. Yoobs


    Rip 06 boss, 06 wizard, tome, tom, nigganan45
  12. I want to see that agility and shit not your faggoty combat stats
  13. This isn't an event you dumb fuck, no-one cares if you're back.
  14. If you're going to do serious updates don't follow the notes with "thanks Sophia for his PVM knowledge" he just watches hey_im_jase's streams and takes notes
  15. Yoobs


    Better pk video than hickory do pk vid 1
  16. Doesn't stop smackd from being my #1 fan
  17. All you do is go on about staff updates i swear that's all you ever post, shut up you faggot, you're still not SS after 10 months homo boy
  18. hel0 mate i realy think that server supporter cape is good idea mate, u can be proud ss
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