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  1. Smackd - Chill and Helpful when he's online Fantastic Cx - Don't really know Rag bot - Cool dude Pixel - only really see at events, nothing to complain about. Goat - Pretty much the same as Pixel. Only difference is he's active in the staff discord discussing problems and suggestions. Baz - Alright mod, pretty active nothing to complain about Valence - A good mod and a chill dude Always is helpful when he's active and if you ask him something he gets back with you as soon as he can 2 Wapens - Don't know. Never seen No Name Set: helps when needed. Always see him helping in yell when he's online Chui - Nice and friendly and active same as no name set i see chui in yell helping a lot too King Arturia - don't know haven't seen Boney - don't know haven't seen Niddy - been a while Skeleton - Cool dude. Active. nothing to complain about Fun Time - alright no complaints Ex0tic - A noob but overall a Good dude with a positive attitude and is active and will respond back to any of your questions threw any of the DM's in-game or the forums or even discord to try and help you out
  2. Username: I crave pkp Discord:I Crave Pkp#9945 Time Zone:EST Daily playtime:10:00 PM - 3:00 AM Why you want to join: just getting back into it after being away for a while, very active now and have been showing up to the purge events and also pking when im on. So figured I'd go ahead and make it official with the application
  3. Unfortunately you should have looked at the options a couple times beforehand, so I wouldn't really call it a scam I would just call it not paying attention to your actions.
  4. Nice video bro, looking good keep it up.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone, hope everyone has a good one.
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