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  1. King Logan Xd

    Exposing SEXY BEAST

    I hope you get a lot of satisfaction out of this, as I've told you ingame, I never said that I am good or some shit, just saying you're trash. Get heated more buddy, getting mad over a pixelated game won't get you anywhere in life. #momsbasement #slapyokeyboardoffthewallcause2heated #kthxbai
  2. King Logan Xd

    150k PKP Giveaway

    43 Sexy Beast
  3. King Logan Xd

    Signature Required

    I can help you out with that lad, just hmu ingame or PM me on forums Here's one of my lastest designs, it was for a CoD team https://imgur.com/a/pmAPo
  4. King Logan Xd

    custom for sale any one in invin 800-900k pure pkt

    Light Green set + Peach (Light pink) set for 650k per customs, will pay in PURE PKP, hmu if interested. Btw, trust me, you'll never get someone to buy those since I'm currently holding over 20m pkp & over 15m in customs + PK supplies such as tents, acb's, tsotd's, ags's & shit... Anyways, as said above, hmu @forums pm or if you see me ingame @Sexy beast if interested.
  5. King Logan Xd

    [S] Super Donator Ticket

  6. King Logan Xd

    Logan's comeback to the game.

  7. So I had an idea that could help the server as much as us (us -> community) Basically, the idea is a new way to cash out I would like to see a way to cashout your RoatPkz money ex: RoatPkz currency to Runescape 07 currency (using a staff as a middleman) It'd be nice to see that, it'd be a new way for us to play & actually donate with 07 gp's for the people who can't donate actual money ($) You can actually sell 07 gp's for money ($) so it'd help Gretar to possibly get more donations & if he wants he could sell the 07 gp's back Leave your thoughts & comments below - Logan
  8. King Logan Xd

    Logan's comeback to the game.

    So you'll take care of him? Btw I can confirm this is me. I just made a new forum account.