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  1. dyl4n5


    I don't know why, forums are always one of my favorite parts of a game
  2. dyl4n5


    Good morning, I am a huge forums guy, always have been. These forums are DEAD. How can we liven this bitch up?
  3. dyl4n5

    Forum Signature

    Nothing crazy! Just something simple w my ign to spice up my forums profile when I post.
  4. Looking for someone to make me a basic signature for the forums.
  5. In-Game Name: Dyl4n5 Discord Name: DCViper #5078 Timezone: EDT Singles/Multi/Both: Both Main style(s) (Main/Hybrid/Tribrid): Anything from pure to Main Tribridding. Have you read and understood all of our rules? : yes Started in 2016, few sabbaticals but I am back. Kills: 1,982 In Discord and applied as well.
  6. Looks good! Keep up the progress. I’m intrigued
  7. I’ve been here since about the beginning, after a long hiatus I am back! however, I was surfing YouTube and the amount of Roatz content is severely lacking! We need to pump those numbers up. Every video posted on here: I will like, comment, subscribe and share it via my gaming socials. #MakeRoatzYTGreatAgain
  8. Good lord. Look at that packed edge pure wildy!!
  9. Username: Dyl4n5 Discord: DCViper #5078 Time Zone: EST Daily playtime: 10:00 pm -1:00 am Why you want to join: Just getting back into it after being away for a while, very active now and would love to be in this clan to get me acclimated to the new game.
  10. I support the pkp reward system you proposed. Good suggestion.
  11. Glad you all liked the song, and shoot. I don't think I used two of the same. Nice video man, you like void rushing?
  12. You're welcome for the old school jams.
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