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  1. RIGHT Subbed to your YT btw, cheers.
  2. I thought so as well. Thanks!
  3. Clans on ROAT are very proud of their affiliation, and I think a good idea would be to incorporate a rank or sub rank for clan affiliation on the forums. It would be a good look for the clan itself and could even liven up the forums a bit as well. btw.... #SWAB
  4. Welcome! We needed some competition over here #SWAB
  5. Have only streamed since and made non RS related YT videos. What type and format of videos for RS and RSPS are popular now? It can't be the typical montages anymore.
  6. Very old PK vids from 2015. Crazy going back to watch these! That YouTuber Rank is kind of hot though, should I start making them again?
  7. dyl4n5


    I don't know why, forums are always one of my favorite parts of a game
  8. dyl4n5


    Good morning, I am a huge forums guy, always have been. These forums are DEAD. How can we liven this bitch up?
  9. dyl4n5

    Forum Signature

    Nothing crazy! Just something simple w my ign to spice up my forums profile when I post.
  10. Looking for someone to make me a basic signature for the forums.
  11. In-Game Name: Dyl4n5 Discord Name: DCViper #5078 Timezone: EDT Singles/Multi/Both: Both Main style(s) (Main/Hybrid/Tribrid): Anything from pure to Main Tribridding. Have you read and understood all of our rules? : yes Started in 2016, few sabbaticals but I am back. Kills: 1,982 In Discord and applied as well.
  12. Looks good! Keep up the progress. I’m intrigued
  13. I’ve been here since about the beginning, after a long hiatus I am back! however, I was surfing YouTube and the amount of Roatz content is severely lacking! We need to pump those numbers up. Every video posted on here: I will like, comment, subscribe and share it via my gaming socials. #MakeRoatzYTGreatAgain
  14. Good lord. Look at that packed edge pure wildy!!
  15. Username: Dyl4n5 Discord: DCViper #5078 Time Zone: EST Daily playtime: 10:00 pm -1:00 am Why you want to join: Just getting back into it after being away for a while, very active now and would love to be in this clan to get me acclimated to the new game.
  16. I support the pkp reward system you proposed. Good suggestion.
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