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  1. Gym pay 07 for unban thanks pm me for info stupid bitch
  2. Bind U God wya fam 

  3. Use ur Phoenix necklaces next time buddy
  4. Adam dying 3x a day what’s new
  5. Better than jblind and adamzor
  6. Voting for myself can’t go wrong with me anywhere I’m the answer
  7. every username in this topic is awful and random shut up freak fucks lmfao wannabe pkers
  8. Funny he says that when John exposed him for having 3 forum alts giving himself reps and commenting “sick hybrid” on all his videos
  9. Nothing like 2 ticking specs on pray without using ur legs ha elite #gunit gang
  10. Smackd

    Requesting BAN!

    You didn’t but you’re a bitch disgusting fucking foreign faggot you’re my son do a 180 on ur wheelchair and head over to the graveyard and say hi to your mother bitch nigga demoted ur bitch ass and u've been a salty bitch ever since fuck yourself random nut rider lmao
  11. Smackd and Jblind part 2 coming soon
  12. don’t brother Jblinds a sweaty nerd you’re #2
  13. Appreciate the feedback brother!
  14. Yup gotta love Piirus faking the duel rewards forgetting top left shows the actual amount you won in a stake or photoshopping in anglerfish to feed his ego lmao weirdo @JBLIND should’ve been #1 VPVP entertaining but Jblind much better pker
  15. Smackd

    New Arrival

    Best RSPS ever made.
  16. pm adamzor Smackd or rag bot v1 to join the gang
  17. daulllll ponaino....... shhhhhh nub u said English
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