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  1. Pls take me to a tv show to get back my best friend pls! He hater me :'(
  2. Smackd

    I quit

    So you lose my SOTD and Quit? Answer PM See you online.
  3. Badass updates, but couldn't you have switched easter eggs with like karambwans?
  4. Was my Toxic SOTD He lost that's the only reason he tried getting it back lol, gz on like 5k
  5. Yoobs- Helpered me with forum account ty Legend- Saddd stijn Ungrateful- Best evar co owner soon ty Zoradz- Idk who he is since when did he join Bride Chucky- Seen online 2 times kappa
  6. Raging Ahmash sum! Canner I joiner pls yoobtube
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