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  1. Think it would make LMS irrelevant still bc CW is practically afk
  2. I feel like bosses like skotizo and Jad are bland now. This armor would be vesta tier for 40 defence pures, hence the price. But good points still. Regular nightmare staff uncharged with no orb is all around much worse than a SOTD, SOL, has no spec bar, no offensive bonuses to bash with and has the same magic bonus increase. This armor is really not that good, you'd be better off being in bandos and d clawing people out and a bandos set is 2k.
  3. The new Nightmare of Ashihama rewards have been out on OSRS for a couple weeks now, so here are some ideas on how we can implement them. 1. LMS LMS is somewhat dead, won't ever have a game running unless a staff members yells or broadcasts it, to revive the minigame and fix the bland empty shop, we can add the 3 new orbs that you attach to the nightmare staff. LMS Nightmare wards: I am going to suggest the prices based off the Neitiznot Faceguard price (20.4K). Meaning 1 Point = 400 PKP. Eldritch orb: 125 LMS Points (50K): the worst of the new staves, it has more use for PVM than pvp, still a good staff, it has a special attack that can hit up to 60 (67 on a slayer task) in maximum magic gear + imbued heart, and restores prayer, it can autocast ancients. Harmonised orb: 175 LMS Points (70K): When casting offensive spells from the standard spellbook, the harmonised nightmare staff's attack speed is increased to 4 ticks instead of 5, and has no initial delay when autocasting. This staff cannot autocast ancients and has no special attack. It is great when paired with the tome of fire and fire surge. Volatile orb: 250 LMS Points (100K): the clear best staff out of the 3, the volatile nightmare staff has a special attack, Immolate, that consumes 55% of the player's special attack energy to hit the target with 50% increased accuracy and dealing a high amount of damage. The base damage for the special attack is scaled based on the player's Magic level, ranging from 50 at level 75 to 66 at level 99, which can be increased with magic damage boosting items. At level 99, the maximum possible hit is 80, or 89 while on a slayer assignment. Nightmare staff: alone is a decent staff, but just like basic staff of the dead/staff of lights and has no special attack, so the staff alone should be cheap when it has no orb attached and has less magic accuracy, less defensive and offensive stats it should be around 2.5K in the PKP Shop, or 1.5K in the Bounty Hunter shop. 2. Mage Arena Shop You can have the orbs in here too for an extremely ridiculous price as there is no skill towards killing mage arena NPCs, you can have them priced from 5000-7500 Mage Arena kills, would promote wilderness activity and have another way of bringing the orbs in the game. 3. PKP Shop We could just put the orbs in the PKP Shop for actual PKP, would sink PKP over time as they would be the most expensive items in the shop, this is better than Bounty Hunter because of the merchers of BH points making the staves far too expensive than they're actually worth. Eldritch: 50K PKP Harmonised: 70K PKP Volatile: 100K PKP Inquisitor Armor and mace. Bounty Hunter Shop since it is the offensive version of Justiciar. (30 defence requirement) Inquisitor great helm 5K BHP: best in slot helmet for zerkers, terrible defence but +4 strength bonus, has negative attack bonuses but positive crush bonuses. Inquisitor's hauberk 10K BHP: best in slot for zerkers, terrible defence since the armor only requires level 30 defence, +4 strength like bandos but high in crush bonuses. Inquisitor's plateskirt 10K BHP: best in slot for zerkers, terrible defence like the rest and again is a crush bonus variant of bandos, but with not even half the defence of bandos. Inquisitor's mace: 15K BHP:, just like the Ghrazi rapier (stab), Blade of Saeldor (slash), this is the same tier weapon but a crush variant, should be the same price as the other two. (As I have stated before, Justiciar should also have its price reduced to the same as these inquisitors prices, it has almost no use on Roat it's a PVM set and is not that good in PVP at all, overpriced and useless). @Gretar Let me know if you disagree with anything, and share your own ideas if you have anything better.
  4. Good video, music however is disgusting and horrendous do people actually listen to this
  5. Post in the correct section dox..
  6. Gym pay 07 for unban thanks pm me for info stupid bitch
  7. Bind U God wya fam 

  8. Use ur Phoenix necklaces next time buddy
  9. Adam dying 3x a day what’s new
  10. Better than jblind and adamzor
  11. Voting for myself can’t go wrong with me anywhere I’m the answer
  12. every username in this topic is awful and random shut up freak fucks lmfao wannabe pkers
  13. Funny he says that when John exposed him for having 3 forum alts giving himself reps and commenting “sick hybrid” on all his videos
  14. Nothing like 2 ticking specs on pray without using ur legs ha elite #gunit gang
  15. Smackd

    Requesting BAN!

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  16. Smackd and Jblind part 2 coming soon
  17. don’t brother Jblinds a sweaty nerd you’re #2
  18. Appreciate the feedback brother!
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