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  1. smackd gets 17h in 5 days back expect 230 hours next month lads im back clear the wild
  2. RoatPkz Video Competition! Rules: Video must be made specifically for this contest! (no old clips). Video must be at least 3 minutes long and shouldn't exceed 7 minutes. Video must be uploaded to YouTube (public) and link to https://roatpkz.com/ in description. Video must be PvP related - Hybrid - Deep Wild - Edge PKing - etc. Video will be judged based on clip quality + video quality. Rewards: 1st Place: $200 in donation credit via ::donate, + 200M OSRS GP. 2nd Place: $150 in donation credit via ::donate, + 100M OSRS GP. 3rd Place: $100 in donation credit via ::donate, + 50M OSRS GP. 4th Place: $50 in donation credit via ::donate, + 30M OSRS GP. 5th Place: $30 in donation credit via ::donate, + 20M OSRS GP. (if you win OSRS GP and don't want it, we can give you items from ::donate instead) Submissions: All videos must be submitted before or on Sunday - 22. September 2019. Submissions must be sent to [email protected] (subject: Roat Pkz Video Competition, body: ign + youtube url). Videos will be judged by @Gretar. Good-luck to all participants, keep in mind this may be a solo video, duo, trio, team, etc.
  3. Adamzor and rag bot name a deadlier duo Sorry @seers10 friendly/retired don’t count
  4. keep talking bitch @I HATE IT
  5. I think @zeplin99 and @Isaiah should log in right now and fight, loser gets banned on the forums for 7d.
  6. You’re almost as bad on fortnite as you were on roat
  7. I've decided you may post topics because this forum is already dead and Jblind isn't active enough to make it even more dead.
  8. Niggas discovered words from my topic started using it in theirs LMFAOO cringe clowns
  9. Yikes time for me to step in MakeRoatPkzGreatAgain
  10. id fucking slap both of u anyday sophia still better inevitably
  11. pm me ill buy for more
  12. Ffs how’d you know
  13. Idk who’s more garbage in this gif gz randoms
  14. Thanks for giving me a reason to Mac ban you
  15. Your English is still as broken as your mother’s legs. Tell her to hop on that wheel chair and do some tricks for me 360s preferred
  16. Good times got ur ip daily off Skype
  17. He’ll just delete his comment before I get to see it anyways Fuck yourself buddy @JBLIND thoughts 1 more word and I’ll have Jblind take care of you again bmt
  18. forums seem dead how has everyone been =]
  19. Record yourself wielding a ballista on 07 and showing the difference between the two on the same gear on both games, then we'll consider it. Not hey I watch George Burton bro I see his vids (and nut ride in the comments) it's not as good on his zerk!
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