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  1. Smackd


    didn’t read however, I won’t be mean to you since I know you’d probably slice ur wrists up again and I don’t wanna be the reason you die so have a nice day
  2. Smackd


    didn’t read clown don’t delete ur response later btw I know you tend to @ me then delete it lol pussy
  3. this was ur reaction when u hit 46 fishing I remember
  4. Hope you made 10m from these 500 kills
  5. You’re Mac banned and when you do play you’re with gl bro wins staking irrelevant thread
  6. Smackd


    @Its Gorillas @repent same to these skinny anti social geeks I’ll be in Orlando August hmu
  7. My server support wb
  8. @Its Gorillas I realize you delete every comment you @ or quote me in. Speak don’t be afraid lol
  9. You’re just like every other pussy on this forum who would never quote or tag me because me replying has you shook. Fuck You and every game ever created dumb ass nerd go outside
  10. Yoobs said stop fanboying him
  11. Baited into replying to a retard dumbass
  12. Didn’t read you’re obese lol
  13. Didn’t read moron lmfao actually think I’d ever read anything you type out
  14. You work a basic 9-5 for $10 an hour and you’re a drop out shut the fuck up freak LMFAOO everything he said is triggering you because you’re a nobody in real life let alone online ugly fuck
  15. You’re the only gamer lol I don’t even play games get on a treadmill fat ass lol
  16. 13 reasons why season 3 all about parrot lee coming soon
  17. Always suggesting dumb shit gay fuck lmfao
  18. Fr man calm down be like this fat Aussie who hasn’t cut his hair in 3 years and spill some Pepsi on your head bro? Make sure it’s cold
  19. slave l0c always right they just don’t realize
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