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  1. Mans that afraid he’s acting clueless now dkm that’s embarrassing yikes
  2. Why don’t you quote the person you refer to you always do that why don’t you try and get a response from the actual person are you afraid is why gg gonna bite you lol
  3. Bullied bitch LMFAOOO
  4. Ur fucking awful too shut up lmfao
  5. I can see them bringing it back, a big problem was the serp was only 100-200k making it way too OP for that price, it rose back to 3 mill only because they added a dismantle option. Not to mention this year is gonna be a big push and fix for OSRS PvP to make it more enjoyable again. I don’t think it’s too op, especially on a RSPS and there’s anti-venom++ for use on here that’ll protect you for 3 minutes, not to mention free sanfew serums, (30k each on OSRS no one wants to bring those).
  6. It only brought venom back vs the NPC you’re attacking, before it venomed all the minions attacking you, basically killing them before you even ended up getting to them. They also reduced the strength bonus to +3 because they felt they couldn’t add a future BIS helmet, they ended up adding a Justiciar helmet but that was only a defensive helmet so that’s why they re upped the strength bonus on the serp again.
  7. They only nerfed it because of the use it had PVM wise on OSRS, not important for us to change on roat. (Basically was too OP for solo Sara and solo Bandos)
  8. You don’t have to ask ur a bitch u listen anyways respect
  9. Mrss King server support soon??
  10. Who the fuck even are u
  11. Nice video but did u fr use that song At least say no homo
  12. Nice vid terrible music tho You’re terrible don’t comment on pking
  13. Khalil praising himself on an alt
  14. Sure knows how to work that Pepsi bottle you’re right Respect Refunt is a terrible pussy you’re not right
  15. @Ban152 @Tesfxye take this guys 14th max set
  16. Was saying the guy who made the vid is Aruns son and nah fam ur being ignorant bet you haven’t listened to 3 of his songs or actually gave him a try
  17. He’s better than u LMFAOOOOOOO FREAK FUCK
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