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  1. Didn’t read moron lmfao actually think I’d ever read anything you type out
  2. You work a basic 9-5 for $10 an hour and you’re a drop out shut the fuck up freak LMFAOO everything he said is triggering you because you’re a nobody in real life let alone online ugly fuck
  3. You’re the only gamer lol I don’t even play games get on a treadmill fat ass lol
  4. 13 reasons why season 3 all about parrot lee coming soon
  5. Always suggesting dumb shit gay fuck lmfao
  6. Fr man calm down be like this fat Aussie who hasn’t cut his hair in 3 years and spill some Pepsi on your head bro? Make sure it’s cold
  7. slave l0c always right they just don’t realize
  8. hey brother 

    1. Smackd


      how u been my brother 

    2. zeplin99


      im g00d like snoopy the doggy boy still alive hbu?

    3. Smackd


      good let’s dharok 1v1 soon with d mace 

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  9. After a year of me being inactive I can now confidently say you are still not better than me Good video tho still
  10. idk you stop quoting me YouTuber
  11. I want a new zone spot anyways so @Gretar take it away
  12. Didn’t read anything this bitch said he hasn’t pked since meridian bsed him in 2016 and replaced him with hick0ry d000
  13. Didn’t ban you idk u
  14. idk Rolforion wasnt ur goal road to 30 angel capes cuz LOL
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