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  1. @Gretar this is the server support we need
  2. Demote Smackd he’s mean to me -.-
  3. ^ @Gretar @Fantastic @JBLIND Why’s the new guy tryna be part of a joke he wasn’t around for
  4. Sounds like another Gorillas / Kurayamino suggestion thread tbh nothing new.
  5. Smackd

    Money Making Guide

    Good guide brother
  6. Jblind doesn’t know you
  7. This kid is fucking awful lmfao was only a matter of time before he died nice kill
  8. insecurity is starting to show more and more every time you reply Another freak like Lee 8 hours a day on the forums on a game he doesn’t play
  9. Mans that afraid he’s acting clueless now dkm that’s embarrassing yikes
  10. Why don’t you quote the person you refer to you always do that why don’t you try and get a response from the actual person are you afraid is why gg gonna bite you lol
  11. Bullied bitch LMFAOOO
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