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  1. He’s better than u LMFAOOOOOOO FREAK FUCK
  2. Yeah don’t know why there’s even multi keys or why Gretar felt like an event where you have to tank damage makes sense when it’s in multi like you have a chance without a clan lol @Gretar
  3. Could see him adding that to remove all spawnables.
  4. I've been seeing many new players ask about a pre-set bank, put this bank together and it would be optional upon account creation, if you think there's anything of relevance missing let me know!
  5. didn't read ill end u before u end urself emo pussy lmfao
  6. I’ll just give you a black eye instead fucking pussy lmfao
  7. I’ve heard some of ur music skies is defo better than a handful you listen to fam anyways nice vid! ur still Aruns son
  8. Go max mage pking.... mage only.... spec wep toxic staff of the dead... gl..
  9. No he’s just a dumb fucking moron with no parents
  10. u jealous cuz I got George Burtons post notifications on cuz?
  11. Weird handicapped moron you suck dick lol
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