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  1. Best mod to ever play roat 

    @JBLIND dumb ass 

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    2. Smackd


      Bind U Pussy Eater

    3. ml gudi

      ml gudi

      imagine not changing your banner after getting demoted for cheating to get pkt on roats :joy:  #BindUDuel for life

    4. Hatcx
  2. Dds doesn't like you 

  3. listen omar, change ur pic kylie is mine

    1. Why Gg

      Why Gg

      fuck off m8 thats mine

    2. Smackd


      shes been my pic since i joined forums kid fuq off!!

    3. Why Gg

      Why Gg

      idc kid she dont like indians

  4. Rlllllly Mike????????

  5. Bind U God wya fam 

  6. can talking any of my baned levi?

  7. can we start clan mr taylor ? :P

  8. Fight me abuser

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    2. Graphics


      ur cluesless no point in aruging.



      You'd lose the argument regardless you idiot. You're mad over losing your moderator rank on a game that sucks as much ass as you did at moderating (which is why you got demoted).

      Just glad you got demoted in time. If you don't about being demoted, then simply don't reply?


      idiot lmfao

    4. Smackd


      No reason for this to even be brought up, Graphics was our most active staff member, did a great job wouldn't be surprised to see him right back with us.

  9. Free Yoobs he was intoxicated 

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    2. Tupac
    3. Yoobs


      Man only had a cheeky brew ygm 

    4. Sage fest

      Sage fest

      @Tupac says +1 and he actually gives a +1 oh my goodness a rare breed most assholes don't follow through. 


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