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  1. kinda cute. didnt show u dying to me for 9 customs but good video regardless.
  2. oof ez for y l0l just noticed the downgrade. superdonator l0l,l
  3. goat probably the only helpful ss on there. Everyone else just does there own thing and dont really help/
  4. 100% works i now use this tactic and i have yet to lose a risk fight 100% recommend
  5. omg. i wish i was as good as you! teach me senpai
  6. Nah how did you get my irl??!?!?! Im reporting this!
  7. Finally halloween, looks awesome. game looks epic @Fantastic good work g XD
  8. Damn nice offer, but im gonna have to decline sorry
  9. As title suggests, selling twisted bow. Pm me in game if interested wanting 4.8m
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