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  1. oof ez for y l0l just noticed the downgrade. superdonator l0l,l
  2. goat probably the only helpful ss on there. Everyone else just does there own thing and dont really help/
  3. 100% works i now use this tactic and i have yet to lose a risk fight 100% recommend
  4. omg. i wish i was as good as you! teach me senpai
  5. Nah how did you get my irl??!?!?! Im reporting this!
  6. Finally halloween, looks awesome. game looks epic @Fantastic good work g XD
  7. Damn nice offer, but im gonna have to decline sorry
  8. As title suggests, selling twisted bow. Pm me in game if interested wanting 4.8m
  9. good list, But i'm pretty sure shacko said he doesn't want ss again.
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