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  1. I personally think this economy is ruined, i see kids getting 50 votes every 3 mins etc, this is insane and its not just that but there needs to be an eco reset for anyone to be motivated to play other than stake . and vpn slide for no caches. i miss pvm for reasoning.. thoughts?
  2. Zach

    Server down?

    Who u talkin too kuz it might b obvious to u ma nigga but not me I got a new laptop couple days ago. Was jus checkin. Put ya head back n open ya mouth one mo time
  3. Is rpk offline right now? Comment
  4. Zach


    Selling super donor tick reply offers for in game name. No under gowers#[email protected]#
  5. Best offer on 200 vote tickets ! Reply below !! Best offer gets. If i dont like the offer ill wait for eco to be likeable
  6. Hey guys this is Zacharyyyy/Zw Im currently on my way to buy a laptop i will back on roatpkz ! If you guys would like to send me any help with the new prices or anything like that thatd be awesome. I now see bandos is part of pkp n i seen vote tickets! Improved a bit. Hoping to come back with nothing and turn that into something idk how but im hoping its possible. I forgot all my donator accounts USERNAME and PASSWORDS ugh! If ANYONE has an xbox one please add me ( ConleyMovements ) send me a msg of who u are and i will happily add you.
  7. I like the idea on the fourms colors, and to totally change to forums, also we should start doing forums events, i'm sure anyone can do that! any player can host someone should've done one without being asked too, knowing it's something people would respect and appreciate!
  8. Hey, this is my in-game suggestion, nor am i the only one saying this. Graphics is currently a mod, but he dosen't know how to play his position, and he takes things to seriously and i feel as if he's too happy to be a mod and likes to punish people for no reason, He's too confident with pixels, lol. I know alot of people don't like him. if you were too do a vote on it, he'd be demoted any minute!! reply what you think of this mod! and no, you cannot get in trouble for posting\commenting your opinion, it'll only be best of this server.
  9. Zach

    (b) angel cape

    yes, but now banned on both my accs, by graphics, l0l he needs to be demoted, he isn't doing his job.
  10. not the downlaodable client to play this game l0l0l.. im talking bout the dl for mac # to recov acc. it has info that is needed to be provided in email.
  11. someone please pm me link to the client for the dl to get Mac Id number, etc
  12. Zach

    (b) angel cape

    I'll buy for 15-20K
  13. I'm down to join, 11k kills 6k deaths... uhh, i brid n all dat. add me 'zw' Eastern time zone, play everyday most of the day
  14. Zach

    (b) angel cape

    buying angel cape, looking for a cheap one perferably, in-game name :zw
  15. Zach


    now work on getting that trimmed! good job
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