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  1. a pixel v1


    future - low life
  2. both 1st and 2nd gyazo pics are flamebait by you guys ,does that count or what watch mrss king shine buddy
  3. adam back at it again with the clappin
  4. yellchat has always been toxic and its a part of the roatz community feel free to ::muteyell
  5. joyner's music is dope so as the vid ,keep it up nub
  6. I like what I see ,keep it up
  7. maybe each skillcape have a tele to its master's location instead of being totally cosmetic
  8. okay enough said its time to throw my perspective ,frienderino i dont feel the way youre feeling rightnow cause i never did, i will eventually thats not something i can control, you need to stop seeking attention in forums nobody cares ,go outside struggle , workhard ,make friends ,nobody will make you pass your dad's funeral other than yourself ,you wont feel these words until you experience it life is gunna whoop you until u surrender
  9. Gl in the Big world
  10. so you saying most of the people that play this game from Israel are from gaza district?
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