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  1. good suggestions lad
  2. a pixel v1

    II suggestions

    wold your rather have this? or this .. make a little botton where you can hide the target info @Gretar
  3. a pixel v1

    GWD Cave fix?

    good idea, must be talked about in staff disc
  4. welcome back man sick shiz as always @Gretar
  5. a pixel v1


  6. a pixel v1

    Roat Pkz Christmas Event 2018!

    coolest shit ever happened in 2k18
  7. a pixel v1

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    I speak 3 languages ,most is English , I always reply to messages smh weak ass flames
  8. a pixel v1

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    the a lot faster part ,I disagree with
  9. a pixel v1

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    coolest event ever made imo , but few of the ideas in your mind don't fit.. there's contradiction between the 1st the 2nd idea , everyone that has no risk will be able to attack the key holder (1st idea) only riskers would have the ability to take down the key holder the way I see it ,if you want to make some $ you gotta risk some $ I agree with the 2nd idea and not the 1st. 3rd idea kinda meh because if your going to run the whole wild ull need 2 pots of stamina ,if your a solo ofcourse ..lets do it this way -> when picking up the key the run energy reduced all the way to 0 (key effect ,more challenging imo) ,just once the key picked obviously. 4th im definitely with it . no suggestion from me .
  10. a pixel v1

    Here is a gif

  11. a pixel v1

    Why I've been a cunt recently

    gud shit man
  12. a pixel v1

    Slayer Guide

    good guide man, just 1 thing I want u to edit,u get 8 teles each task u get ,wanted u 2 edit dat part