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  1. @JBLIND trust me, if im in max gear edge would be cleared fam...
  2. what are the pure nhers even doing lmfao
  3. ur the biggest arab i know lmao, and get ur facts right
  4. i havnt played roat pkz for the last month, the reason is ive been playing osrs and found my place there. alot of work still to be done but were getting there! https://imgur.com/v3JpcbO -Lion Tales
  5. noo, first time i wont do a Christmas event in roat guess its the end of an era
  6. Lion Tales

    i quit :(

    i havnt been playing for some time, its because i quit and i think private servers aint worth it anymore. i wont be on forums as much any more either. mad respect to every single one of you ty for 6+ years and peace everyone. <3 -Lion Tales
  7. quit already and play osrs, private servers not worth it anymore lol
  8. aiii shiit ive been gone for a while, hows the F keys going ?
  9. my ip is changed almost everyday anyways
  10. i wont give u my ip retard, are u 12? and who the fuck uses skype in 2017 lmao
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