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  1. Make the client work first, idk why people are suggesting things that are already in the works anyways :l. Nearly all of these have been polled at one time or another so again it baffles me why you made another thread saying the same things
  2. Tbh it'd be sick but you a nerd
  3. My involvement on forums has nothing to do with being a helper in-game? There has been ss without forums accounts and there use to be mods that didn't even use forums at all until they got mod? So your argument is pointless. Think you answered your own question saying I'm inactive so I haven't gotten "thought of" to get mod. But you're such a fan I love it Weirdo.
  4. 1) No I don't. If I got offered I would decline. 2) I know. 3) Haven't been demoted because I actually help people and have fun at the same time, Can't understand 4th grade english try that again. 4) Who?
  5. Glad to see people doing stuff like this
  6. 1) I don't want mod. 2) Killbob is my boy and i'd rather him be mod than me. 3) Sort my life out? Why do you think I don't play this game as much as the people getting mod when the client comes out? You must be quite the awkward school boy lmfao. Imagine saying sort your life out to someone that isn't higher staff due to not playing as much as other people Jokerman? 4) Who?
  7. Looking for beef? Cause I wouldn't recommend it rn If I didn't "deserve" it why have I been here for over a year? Baffles me
  8. I'm the only one on here that didn't ask anyone to vote as I haven't been on to beg to be the best no life on roatpkz lmfao they're all trying to boost their egos irl by being the best slave! Love it
  9. SICK G! ETA on the beta drop today?
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