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  1. why u not 4x spec @ start of every duel, dumb af not to...
  2. Ingame Username:deezenuts How long have you been playing:since 2006 Do you have any single pk'ing experience (if so please specify): yes have lead teams/trips numerous times on rs and rsps How often do you play roatpkz: few times a week Do you have access to discordDiscord (mic/no mic)?: yes witch style of pking do you prefer, nh/Tb/Focus/both??: focus do you have experience in clanning?: yes how do u think you can beneift the clan?: experience, skill and intelligence Timezone: gmt
  3. HICK0RY

    07 membership

    but didnt ask ok thats not as bad
  4. HICK0RY

    07 membership

    spending irl money on rs godbless
  5. wow u spared me thanks so much i dont want to be insulted by rs kiddos salute
  6. HICK0RY

    Good run

    thanks for telling us we was all wondering
  7. wow very entertaining thank you
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