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  1. why u not 4x spec @ start of every duel, dumb af not to...
  2. Ingame Username:deezenuts How long have you been playing:since 2006 Do you have any single pk'ing experience (if so please specify): yes have lead teams/trips numerous times on rs and rsps How often do you play roatpkz: few times a week Do you have access to discordDiscord (mic/no mic)?: yes witch style of pking do you prefer, nh/Tb/Focus/both??: focus do you have experience in clanning?: yes how do u think you can beneift the clan?: experience, skill and intelligence Timezone: gmt
  3. HICK0RY

    07 membership

    but didnt ask ok thats not as bad
  4. HICK0RY

    07 membership

    spending irl money on rs godbless
  5. wow u spared me thanks so much i dont want to be insulted by rs kiddos salute
  6. HICK0RY

    Good run

    thanks for telling us we was all wondering
  7. wow very entertaining thank you
  8. HICK0RY


    cleaned for 300m godbless myself possibly, got no items on roat tho
  9. HICK0RY


    zzzzz edit:cleaned for 300m+ hence the 'bank video'
  10. LOOOOOL just seen ur sig respect
  11. its a problem with loads of videos uploading within last like 48 hours, they say theyre goin to fix it so vid should be normal soon may as well stop training ur 07 acc cus im gonna destroy u damn right that bitch man . . . my bro from day
  12. nearly got dem mysticers
  13. paintbrush tryna use a tank shield this shit gon be good af :DDD:D
  14. clip dump. would be better clips but havent been able 2 record for while, also quit for like 2 months. like comment
  15. Hey I've noticed past couple days of hybriding that when you have autocast on a staff(barrage in this case) then 1tick the switch to melee and click attack in same tick. It actually still barrages as if you still had the staff equipped, this has happened like 5 times ish, probably look into fixing this. @Gretar @Smackd Kind of hard 2 explain but if you don't know what i mean I could try show ingame or somebody could try it and gif it for Gretar?
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