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  1. Jblind I like you man but many think the same as me... Just look at the comments, I love this server, only one I play and recommend to loads of friends even encourage others to vote while playing, I don't complain basically ever but 500 votes is a bit much lol 100 votes is still a lot of votes lol, not everyone is mega rich and successful like you I say all that with the up most respect Just wanted to add when I say comments Iv'e read a fair, fair, fair, fair few in Yell about cape and also spoken to many in Dzone and Risk who agree.
  2. I'm not a fan of Infernal Cape costing so much either, I think 100 votes be a much better price imo. I do think the update is good and I appreciate what you are doing with the server and your goals, brine sabre and combat brace don't work Iv'e found so far, a few misc items don't but we can sort that I'm sure. Again I made a suggestion before the new client about making Sara Sword 5k pkp and have double spec again, please consider this as I had a lot of backing.
  3. Thanks for the support dude and I get you entirely man. Looking forward to the update and potential of an upgraded SS.
  4. Amen to that dude, awesome weapon. But pretty dead usage these days.
  5. A while back Saradomin Sword was double spec and I loved pking with it... My suggestion is that it be brought back to its two spec version but also put into the pkp shop for the same as an ags 5k pkp. Killbob said he backed the idea and will hopefully show his support on this post, it's a great weapon and I think it would make a great addition to the game giving it this upgrade, but by putting it in pkp shop would stop being just being stupid with it and also help economy as another good item to buy and sell, also new members would be impressed by the weapons abilities. Thanks for reading
  6. Just making this post so whoever needs be aware can please be let know that I have put a account recovery forwards, the email explains all. Thanks in advance!
  7. That link just keeps telling me I have had a client added to my desktop, nothing has changed, I have the old client fixer already too. Really gutted about this
  8. The whole black screen thing tried everything now getting annoying haha followed the steps that come up waited a few days re-downloaded client the lot no luck, can't even get on to game.
  9. Franko Slice, in game name, no passwords I use working, tried several times yesterday and today, this is after a short break from the game came back and this happened. Thanks in advanced
  10. Recently when I been trying to log in at home client has been stuck saying 'Loading' and not doing so. I actually went to the lengths to go to my Grandfathers to use his computer in order to play haha or see what was going on? Then get hit with the other problem I recently posted about. But this one is just to check now the thing is I can not get the client to load, does anyone have a client link so I can redownload the client from scratch? Thanks!
  11. Yeah I never set one I'm a experienced player... Looks like hacked, will soon find out! Thanks for all the replies guys... Currently even having trouble loading the client at home now?! Not my day haha...
  12. Hey tried to log into Roat on my gramps computer but being asked for a security code? Never set one? Username is Franko Slice. Thanks!
  13. Thanks to the two last comments some great input guys. Good to see people getting involved! The question now is, is this going to be happening? Come on Roatz the demand is here ...
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