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  1. as long as u dont put me in the vids im okay with this
  2. i dont even know what pid is.. staked my bank and doubled it. im nawt mad
  3. i think more pvm should be added, im finding myself bankstanding at 3am cause theirs nothing for me to do but wait for jad or sit a chaos ele with my purplesweets for hours on end
  4. i lost a few big kills this week because of the problems with freezes :[
  5. everything looks good except i should also be promoted to pk god
  6. nice kill, hybrid fun fact the crytstal shield is better then the bss save yaself a few pk points
  7. l3g!tn3ss$$ss$$ss$$$$$$$$$$$$4
  8. literally going to make a thread tonight flaming every single person who i kill tonight because of this thread
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