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  1. Killbob

    Xex Day

    Please fix this and quote @Xex sir
  2. Killbob

    Xex Day

    Since I've recently seen xex say he'd never been @ ed before I free like we should all appreciate him and help him get vet @Xex we're here for you bud and we'll at you in every post now!
  3. OwO *hehe* I see you!
  4. Give xex veteran
  5. No waifu but i give u rep cause veterans have a lot of rep!
  6. oh lit this is my ringtone
  7. Thanks to @Xex for providing the information for all clues and spots
  8. Killbob


    F in chat for Target
  9. Killbob

    Sig req

    broken image
  10. This is amazing! You should be promoted to veteran for this! I hope you have a good day brother
  11. How do i save a video?
  12. I've called this man on discord 7 times and he refuses to pick up
  13. wow first topic! and it's already better than all of @Xex post @XexNoob
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