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  1. Brother you realise my tractors cost more than the average house also @Tesfxye
  2. Atleast I own my own shit and don't have to BaE for a living
  3. Ur all shitters my forums, every god has haters
  4. If you dm me on osrs I can give you a head start
  5. How the fuck am i abusing. I'm not even staff the fuck give me forums mod
  6. wtf... why the hell is it titled killbob as well
  7. Killbob

    One forums suggestion

    This is why John was better!
  8. Usually people wait till the monthly feed back gets posted...
  9. Killbob


    Ok @Terzey do ur thing
  10. I'm currently working with staff to get this removed for exposing of my irl when I did not give you permission to release this.
  11. I like the part where it says @Killbob
  12. Personacord back and i don't get invite, ye fuck you persona im selling out ur alts
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