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  1. Killbob


    ignored the topic, wtf is ur sig
  2. Only thing I have problems with is clicking right through the player when trying to attack or barrage or dead clicks when switching, idk if this can be fixed but would be nice if it could.
  3. Wait are people actually flaming Isaiah and not in a trolling way
  4. I like everybody but gied4life
  5. Killbob


    @Xex i got an osrs bond for you
  6. I don't want to answer any questions but can i join?
  7. you forgot my boy @3AT 99 ALL don't forget this @Gretar
  8. What the fuck did you use to take the pic on No Warning with?
  9. Of any X song you could of posted you chose this one...
  10. Killbob


    City looks nice but people ghetto as fuck
  11. Killbob


    Excuse you but I do not par-take in this "smoking of weed". Kissimmee ghetto as fuck tho not going there
  12. tf is that invy set up, nice kills tho
  13. wait you only made 60m? poor af
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