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  1. genj

    opinion question

    more vids pls and yt rank for him @Gretar quick
  2. genj

    new bideo

    My 2019 is off to a good start with this banger of a vid
  3. genj

    Meridians core member dead

    Keytracker just doesnt stop winning :^)
  4. genj

    Pure Nh

    Hes that guy whos been veng pking for the last 9 years on roatpkz lol
  5. genj

    'Huge' dead for 100m 07 coins

    Meridian just keeps on winning
  6. genj

    jankin dead for 10m 07 coins

    Why is he tanking in claws when he has Sol and spirit shield, is he lost?
  7. genj

    hatcx evidence

    Just seen Pyd warm up at edge hills, u dont want those hands man
  8. genj

    Staff Feedback - October 2018

    all staff are great unmute pls
  9. That was the point, hes my friend and this topic was a joke ^^
  10. genj

    1000 ks and max kills

    How many hours of blacklisting all good tribrids and farming edge pkers did that take you?
  11. I had fought someone at gorillas and they tbed me, I killed them, came to grave to fight you lot and thought I was safe from tb for a while, ithen ofc got untbed(and didn't realise) then you retbed me but regardless it was a mistake from me. Gz on the kill, hopefully it gives you some confidence and you pk in risk now, or just pk in general
  12. Guy has like 7 diff combo foods in his inv or something, doesnt even need to put on tank
  13. genj

    Wizard 3-0 Spartans

    madmen making mooooves watch out savage goons lavishes, u about to get it
  14. genj

    well this is awkward

    savage goons making moves!