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  1. Hey guys, look at this edge ragger putting me on blacklist after trying to rag me! @Smackd pls unmute bro
  2. gang activities @Smackd unmute pls, best friend =)))
  3. Lmao, go ape on them dude!
  4. Ill never be back to this game, just a quick driveby . And yh im proud of getting unmuted, means alot :^)
  5. Nice to see that nh tank is still on the grind
  6. more vids pls and yt rank for him @Gretar quick
  7. genj

    new bideo

    My 2019 is off to a good start with this banger of a vid
  8. Keytracker just doesnt stop winning :^)
  9. Hes that guy whos been veng pking for the last 9 years on roatpkz lol
  10. Just seen Pyd warm up at edge hills, u dont want those hands man
  11. That was the point, hes my friend and this topic was a joke ^^
  12. How many hours of blacklisting all good tribrids and farming edge pkers did that take you?
  13. I had fought someone at gorillas and they tbed me, I killed them, came to grave to fight you lot and thought I was safe from tb for a while, ithen ofc got untbed(and didn't realise) then you retbed me but regardless it was a mistake from me. Gz on the kill, hopefully it gives you some confidence and you pk in risk now, or just pk in general
  14. Guy has like 7 diff combo foods in his inv or something, doesnt even need to put on tank
  15. madmen making mooooves watch out savage goons lavishes, u about to get it
  16. <--- persona u dizzy blud!? <-- loot kill was approx 2.2k + a golden key from being lucky!
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