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  1. Legend™

    Spartans & Ratlords 14 brew bot dropped @ East

    You email every 3 months about all your accounts is it that hard to memorize a password? Paki braincells smh : )
  2. Legend™

    Spartans & Ratlords 14 brew bot dropped @ East

    Meridian bank Taylor is never poor none of us are
  3. Legend™

    Rng in duel arena.

    Sorry cannot show top line.
  4. Legend™

    Rng in duel arena.

  5. Legend™

    Staff Feedback 02/05/2018

  6. Legend™

    Cya friends

    In a bit lad. Also to all the hidden comments on this topic I do not have boosted hits. I am willing to stream my staking seshions if someone asks me
  7. Legend™

    Biggy does cartoons?!

    lol? you mad bor
  8. Legend™

    Oldest player online

    you started pking after i quit cause i allowed u lol
  9. Legend™

    Oldest player online

    3rd in line
  10. Legend™

    Oldest player online

    Me and kevinbauwz are confirmed the oldest players. Considdering kevin quit all rsps/rs related things its just me
  11. Legend™


    sippin hennessy and still slaying fools thats my boy
  12. Legend™

    (HELP) What should I buy for PKP?

    just bring 6 brews to ur brid fights like i always do so u never have to use tabs.
  13. Legend™

    Selling pkp shite

    best topic ive seen in a while can i get my custom back?